Win Ticket To See FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2013 Party!

Rogin-E, the multivitamin for the Man on Top, and the only multivitamin with all three of the powerful ingredients Korean Panax Ginseng, Deanol and Royal Jelly, has a lot of plans for the months of June and July.  For starters, a single bottle purchase of Rogin-E, anytime in June or July 2013, at selected Mercury Drug stores, comes with a 100 peso Mercury Drugstore gift certificate.  Then Rogin-E really turns up the heat.

Rogin-E and Orange Magazine TV will be giving away the much coveted tickets to the hottest by invitation only event of the year, the FHM’s 100 Sexiest 2013 Victory Party.  You can win them through a one of a kind Mafia inspired photo contest. Here are the mechanics:

1. Promo/contest will be open to Orange Magazine TV’s followers and four other blogs, each blog has a unique sub-theme.
2. Promo period will be from June 14, to July 03, 2013.
3. The prize for winning the contest will be ONE (1) special pass to the 2013 FHM’s 100 Sexiest Event.
4. Readers must submit a unique proof of purchase in the form of a readable scanned receipt, only from a participating Mercury Drug store, with at least one bottle of Rogin-E as an item, issued within the promo period.
5. The participating Mercury Drug stores are: Ermita, Harrison Plaza, Scout Borromeo, Q-Plaza, Quezon City Trinoma Mall 1, Taguig City Bonifacio Global City 32nd Street, Global City Taguig Market, EDSA Plaza, Glorietta.  Receipts from any other establishment will not be considered valid.
6. Each bottle purchased entitles a blog reader to one entry, you can have as many entries as the number of bottles you have purchased within the promo period.
7. You may post on multiple blogs, but each unique proof of purchase and entry can only be used for one blog.
8. The promo will be a “mobster” themed cosplay contest, the overall theme will be the US prohibition era Mafia.
9. The assigned sub-theme for is “Mob reboot”. Show us your best photo similar to this one:

10. An entry shall consist of a photo of you and/or a friend, and “extras” where appropriate, composed according to the sub-theme of the blog contest you’re entering.
11. You can use props such as toy guns, period furniture, cars etc.  Extras can also be utilized, but only one ticket will be awarded to group shots that win.
12. You may join all five blog contests, but make sure you provide a unique proof of purchase for each blog entry.
13. In the event that a contestant wins, the proof of purchase from a participating drugstore corresponding to the date the winning entry was submitted should be provided.
14. A contestant may be disqualified even after his or her entries have been posted, if upon further screening, it is found that the contestant violated the one entry per proof or purchase rule.
15. Entries that contain sexually explicit, graphically violent, or visibly offensive or discriminatory images will be disqualified.
16. Post your photo on Twitter (You must be a follower of Orange Magazine TV) and tag @OrangeMagTV and use the hashtag #RoginE #ManOnTop. Contestants are encouraged to promote their respective entries, number of  “retweets” will be 50% of the criteria used to select the winners.
17. Complete judging criteria: 15% authenticity / 15% production value / 20% creativity / 50% likes
18. You can only win once even if you submitted an entry to other participating blogs. In the event that your entry got picked more than once, you must choose just one blog to collect the prize from, and forfeit all the other blog contests you have joined.
19. Bayer Philippines and Roar Communications will help in judging the subjective criteria of the contest.
20. Winners will be announced on our website on July 8, 2013, and will receive one (1) ticket to the Rogin-E booth at the FHM’s Sexiest 100 Event.
21. Winners can collect their prizes between July 9 to 10.

That isn’t all, Rogin-E ticket bearers will get a special surprise treat at the event.  The exact details of the surprise will have to remain a secret, but all in all it will truly be an offer the Man on Top can’t refuse.  That isn’t the end of it though, if you miss the event, or want something to remember it by, Rogin-E will be giving away free July issues of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women when you purchase special 30 softgel capsule promo packs of Rogin-E at selected chain drugstores in Metro Manila.

The FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party will be held on July 10, 2013 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. Tickets to the event are not available for sale. AND Minors are not allowed inside the venue.

This June and July, being the Man on Top will be that much better with Rogin-E.

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