Leading Travel Search Site Skyscanner Reveals The Tricks Filipinos Do To Avoid Jetlag


According to a recent survey by Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site, 54% of Filipinos have flown with long distance transmerdian flights. This often results to desynchronisis or what is commonly known as jet lag, which results to poor sleep upon arrival, poorer mental performance and increased fatigue.

“In an ideal world, to prevent jetlag we should begin taking on the habits of destination time zone before we leave home,” says Tony Gherardin of National Medical Adviser at the Travel Doctor – TMC. “That is, eating at the same time and sleeping or resting at the same time as what you would be doing at that destination. Of course this isn’t always possible at home or even while flying.”

From changing their body clock to adjusting their alcohol consumption, Filipinos have tried various means to combat effects of jet lag.Skyscanner has identified practices that Filipinos use before or after they take long haul flights.

Most Filipinos rely on their health when it comes to jetlag. In a survey conducted with 1000 respondents, majority of Filipinos (45.8%) choose to eat a light diet of healthy fresh food. Other health conscious activities include exercising and stretching on the plane (44.7%) or get as much exercise and fresh air on the day of travel as they can (27.6%).

Others adjust their sleeping habits, which include those who change their time to destination time when they board the plane and sleeping according to this time zone (35.3%) and those who try to stay awake all flight and sleep only when I arrive at my destination (24.5%).

Some Filipinos adjust their alcohol consumption. There are those who drink alcohol to fall asleep on the flight to wake up refreshed (12.5%), while others go the other way and avoid alcohol 24 hours before the flight until landed (25.4%).

Some Filipinos use the help of medicine and take sleeping tablets (14.5%) or anti-jet lag pills (8.5%), herbal remedies (8.3%) or melatonin (4%). Others even go as far as taking Viagra (0.7%) just to avoid jetlag.


“While most Filipinos take only a day to recover from jetlag,” says Janet Ranola, Philippines Marketing Manager of leading travel search site, Skyscanner. “It takes two to five days for some, which is probably why there are those who try various methods to avoid it.”

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