Weather It Out In Converse’s “Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized New Collection”

Converse Philippines comes up with “The 2013 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection Look Challenge” and I was part of the participating bloggers to come up with a distinct ensemble using shoes and apparels (jackets, caps and bags) from the brand’s Weatherized Collection at their Converse’s flagship store in Glorietta 2 in Makati City.

The de rigueur fashion statement of the season, the 2013 Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection displays a rough-hewn look perfect for the urban terrain. They are worn by those who want to experience life in all its textures and complexity, the perfect antidote to the safe and the expected. As arbiters of taste and setters of trend, bloggers will be naturally drawn to the collection for its complete disregard of conventions.

“We are interested to see how the (fashion) bloggers will turn their style vision into wearable art by using the various pieces from the Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection,” says Eli Bonsol, Converse Philippines’ advertising and marketing manager. “We enjoin the participants to have a free rein on their imagination and let their respective personalities shine out through their creative visualizations.”

weatherized jeman (2 of 2)

We were told to go daring and imaginative with no restriction in terms of styling as long as the apparels and shoes exclusively come from the collection. My preferred style has always been about comfort and easy to wear. Though I don’t limit myself with the basic stuff, for this challenge I decided to do a simpler look that any guy (of all sizes) can wear. And since I’m not the model-type and the most fashionable from the bunch of bloggers out there, black ensemble is a good start. But of course, layering  it with a printed long-sleeve and a good pair of Converse boots can make it stand out.


After orchestrating our look, we also did our own styling and photo shoot within the flagship store. Although I enjoy doing pictorials, I only do behind the scenes. Modeling is a nerve-wrecking experience for me given the short time allotted to us and since I don’t do OOTD (outfit of the day) and do selfies of what I usually wear, this is also an extra challenge for me.

weatherized jeman (1 of 2)

Criteria for judging are the following: Creativity, 50 percent; Styling 25 percent; and Visual Impact 25 percent. Fashionistas, media personalities and Converse executives will choose the top three blog posts and award the winning bloggers with Php 20,000 worth of Converse gift certificates. The winners would also have the chance to land on a national daily for that instant celebrity wattage.

“We see a surge of fashion blogs as more and more people feel the need to document their looks,” says Eli Bonsol. “The ‘2013 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection Look Challenge’ invites them to take their blogging to another level by letting them work with and interpret a concept so their fashion sense and unique style may be unleashed.”

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Special thanks to Rodel Flordeliz of for taking my photos.

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