Go ‘Camping In Style’ with Coleman Philippines First “Glamping” Event

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, popular among young adults and families, where campers leave their “urban life” to enjoy nature while spending the nights outdoors. Camping involves the use of a tent, caravan, motorhome, a primitive structure, sporting camp or no shelter at all.

Camping became popular in the early 20th century and became a key part of many youth organizations around the world, such as boy/girl scouts to teach self-reliance and teamwork. It is also often used at large open air events such as music festivals.

But for first-timer campers, camping can be a nightmare experience too. If you’re not the adventurous type, then there’s nothing much to do for you during camping. Some common dilemmas for campers is that there is no toilet, insect or bug problems, little or no electricity, and food storage.

But first time campers (or the ones who doesn’t want to experience too much hassle in camping) did not need to worry as there is now an alternative to camping called “Glamping” which is short for glamorous camping, and is the latest rising trend in camping all over the world.  It defines a new wave of luxurious camping that is quickly gaining popularity among the worldwide camping communities.

Coleman, a long trusted U.S. brand in outdoor recreational products has revealed a new range of products to cater to the the Glamping trend. And in the Philippines, Coleman spearheaded the first Glamping event in the country.

This rising outdoor trend, which focuses on outdoor enjoyment without giving up familiar conveniences helps to also encourage ‘real’ human interaction and rekindle relationships lost in this decade of digital dependence.  Glamping goes beyond the usual “past time” hobby by becoming a novelty way to enjoy events and special occasion celebrations.

“The products we have are not only functional, but also innovatively designed to fit fun-loving stylish urbanites. We understand the needs of Glampers, hence the focus on speedy setup and tear down, compact design for easy storage, good mobility and pleasant aesthetics coupled with Coleman’s renowned, unmistakable mark of quality and durability assurance since 1901,” says Coleman senior brand manager Gerry Mendoza.

Here’s a short video with Quenie Kris Ganancial, Coleman Philippines Assistant Brand Manager, where she talks about Glamping and some of the Coleman products you will need for your Glamping experience.

In the next five years, Coleman envisions themselves to be the leading brand spearheading Glamping in Southeast Asia with its range of products categorised into three Glamping related outdoor themes:

5 Minutes Campsite – get fuss-free shelters and rest areas set-up in the quickest time possible. Gone are the struggles and lengthy hours to set up a camp site, with Coleman’s 5 minutes campsite series comprising of Instant Up tent, Instant Shade, Road Trip® grill, lounger cot and table picnic set. The set-up is unbelievably easy, quick and fuss free that you will be ready to roll in 5!  A sure fire way to impress your friends or lady. 5 minutes campsite themes will be ideal for newbies to the outdoors seeking for an overnight camp escapade. It is a guaranteed successful set up that will make you view camping in a totally different perspective.

Chill out – allows one to laze in the sun and enjoy a leisurely picnic. Have a girls’ camp out with Coleman lightweight and easy set-up products. Any fashionista can prop these up in their pretty dresses and pumps. This theme features the essential lines for a done in a day, tete-a-tete picnic in the park. Make use of the Instant Shade with UVGuard™ material to shield from UV rays whilst enjoying nature. Pack with you a mini table picnic set, low lounging laid back chair and hammock to swing to nature’s tune while enjoying a marshmallow grill-out over the portable barbecue bucket. All of these fit neatly into a compact tow wagon, so no heavy loads to worry about.

Absolute getaway – provides everything you need to organize a grand outdoor party with friends. Throw the best weekend getaway for your mates and give the best party that may just go down history when looking back 10 years from now. This series is ideal for big groups for a day to longer overnight stay or even for event celebrations. Step up the party with a one of a kind cool looking arch-dome Party Shade that doubles up as a sleep-in spacious cabin tent by night. The shade’s day-to-night transformation is easily done with a clip in tent – easy! To cater to your hungry guests, the Road Trip grill is perfect for that Master Chef grill out session with its mix & match versatile cooking surface options. For full fledge comfort the range includes compact fold up tables and chairs and even an Instant Up Shower Tent for that private, convenience of a shower or toilet use.

To spearhead Glamping trend to more outdoor enthusiasts, Coleman Philippines is organizing its first Glamping event in the country on May 24 to 25 at the Clearwater Resort and Country Club in Clark, Pampanga, which is open to all Coleman fans by registration.

Participants can look forward to meeting fellow “Glampers” and take part in unique Coleman activities. The event will also give all participants an experiential use of the best and latest of Coleman’s products that make Glamping such an experience to behold.

The Philippine Glamping event will be followed by a series of similar events in Malaysia and Singapore to help build a Glamping community in the region. For more information on the upcoming events will be posted on Coleman’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/ColemanPhilippines.


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