Roam Worry-Free with The New Default Unlimited Surfing Rate at P599/day From Globe

So you’re about to take a quick trip abroad for some R&R as summer comes to a close. Travelling on a budget, you waited untilmidnight to book affordable flights and score the best hotel deals to ensure you have savings left for that much-anticipated food trip with a little shopping on the side.

As you zip lock your travel luggage, you see your mobile phone, a must-have travel essential to capture and share travel experiences as they happen. You take a step back and realize your savings will only go to your data roaming charges if you take your mobile phone with you. However, your other half tells you that you can’t afford to miss your daily Instagram posts, and not to mention, e-mails from your boss. After all, life goes on even when you’re on vacation.

Good thing there’s the new standard rate for unlimited surfing for subscribers on roaming from Globe Telecom to simplify the roaming experience and protect you from the scare of bill shock due to excessive data charges.

“A lot of subscribers today prefer going on free Wi-Fi for mobile surfing when they are abroad because of fear of bill shock. However, free Wi-Fi is not available everywhere so that limits them from going online. Most roaming promos also require you to memorize access codes in order to register. When travelling from one country to the other, users also need to note of different roaming rates to avoid bill shock.  These customer pain points are addressed by our new flat rate for unlimited mobile surfing while roaming,” shares Raul Macatangay, VP for Postpaid Business and Devices.

For only Php 599.00 a day, subscribers travelling outside the country for work or leisure can avail of unlimited data roaming services without the need for promo registration. This means that customers can surf the Internet on their mobile phones and enjoy access to their e-mail accounts, social networks, apps, and other sites without worry for a full 24-hour cycle.

“We also eliminate the need to wait until midnight to register and keep track of various time zones since the new default rate covers a full 24-hour cycle. Just select the roaming partner in your country of destination and enjoy a wonderful and worry-free data roaming experience from Globe,” adds Macatangay.

The new P599 flat rate for 24 hours of unlimited mobile surfing is available in 20 countries and roaming partners worldwide, which include Australia (Yes Optus), China (China Mobile), Czech Republic (Telefonica O2-CZ), Germany (Telefonica O2-DE), Hong Kong (CSL), India (Airtel), Indonesia (Telkomsel/TSEL), Ireland (Telefonica O2-IRL), Macau (CTM), Malaysia (Maxis), Saudi Arabia (STC), Singapore (SingTel Mobile), Spain (Telefonica Movistar/TO2), South Korea (SK Telecom), Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile), Thailand (AIS TH 03), UAE (Du Telecom), United Kingdom (Telefonica O2-UK), USA (AT&T), and Vietnam (Mobifone VMS).

Aside from worry-free surfing, subscribers will also enjoy free TravelCare insurance for up to 30 days, which provides up to P200,000 worth of protection from travel inconveniences like flight or baggage delay, loss of travel documents, and trip cancellation, as well as accidental death or medical expenses.

To know more about the new P599 flat rate for unlimited surfing abroad, visit or call the Globe Roaming Hotline at +6327301212 toll-free even while abroad.

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