Iconic Pieces and Filipino Artists at Harringtons Lifestyle Auction

Arturo Rogerio Luz is a Philippine National Artist in Visual Arts. He is also a known printmaker, sculptor, designer, and art administrator. A founding member of the modern Neo-realist school in Philippine art, he produces art pieces through a disciplined economy of means. His best masterpieces are minimalist, geometric abstracts, alluding to the modernist “virtues” of competence, order, and elegance.

Arturo Luz

“Cities of the Past” is a perfect example of Luz’s neo-realist approach. Geometric shapes and vivid colors serve as a sharp contrast to the minimal linearity of this acrylic on canvas.

Anita Del Rosario is a graduate of Fine Arts with a degree for Advertising from University of Santo Tomas. She started out as a comic book illustrator for Liwayway, eventually moving on to oil and watercolor painting and jewelry designing. She is one of the awardees for the 100 Women Artists: The Centennial of the Feminist Movement in the Philippines, given by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2005.

Anita del Rosario

Composed of ivory, kishi pearls, and corals, this unique neckpiece captures the vividness of Del Rosario’s rich imagination. Set in 14k gold, it combines a luxurious feel with effervescent whimsy.

Gabby Barredo creates sculpture-installations that have been shown in numerous exhibitions here and abroad. Most notable are Visions at the Soka Center in Beijing in 2008 and Invisible at the Ayala Museum in 2007. His works combine sculptural forms, light, performance and sound.

Gabby Barredo

This chandelier, circ. 1999, features the metalwork that Barredo has become famous for. Religious and iconic imagery is clearly visible throughout, along with a distinct spiritual undercurrent present in his art.

Toribio Herrera was born in Tondo and graduated with a degree in Medicine from University of Santo Tomas in 1912. He took a second course to earn a Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines Dr. Herrera never exhibited his works in public, eschewing monetary rewards for his art. The first exhibition of his works was held in 1972, four years after his death.

Toribio Herrera

“Last Supper” showcases Herrera’s ingenious use of anatomy and perspective, traits that undercut most of his work. This oil on canvas piece is a perfect example of classic technique.

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