Johnson and Johnson Philippines Launches The “See the Real Me” Teen-Powerment Program

Society and peers have ceaselessly given teenage girls the idea that pimples, oiliness, and other bodily changes caused by puberty are things to be embarrassed and ashamed about. As a result, these teens are hindered from expressing who they are, anxious that they would be judged and noticed only because of these changes.

Johnson&Johnson Philippines dares to challenge this notion with its pioneering “See the Real Me” campaign, which announces to Filipino teens that the changes that they undergo during puberty are milestones of a new and exciting adventure in their lives. Thus, they should be celebrated, and should be a signal that the world is waiting for them to show their real selves.

By celebrating these changes, teens will be more comfortable with who they are and more confident to show themselves to the world. Spearheaded by teen care brands Clean & Clear, Modess, and Carefree, the campaign will cast its message loud and clear.

As “See the Real Me” takes on a bold move, it aims to see teen girls take on that courage as well.

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