Knowledge Channel and Rex Bookstore Partnership Raises P2.2 Million

Rex Book Store Inc (RBSI), one of the country’s leading text book publishers for basic education, recently turned-over the amount of Php 2,258,075 to Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc (KCFI) as funds raised from their partnership where KCFI video links are included in RBSI titles.

Accessible via the KCFI Website,, 74 video links were included in 9 RBI titles in Math, English, Science and Social Studies for both elementary and high school during the school year 2013-2014. RBSI donated Php 5.00 per book for every copy sold with KCFI video links.

“We are in an era where children at a very young age are exposed to all types of technology. It is critical to reach them within this environment, as well as their teachers who are with them most of the time. Rex Bookstore in partnership with Knowledge Channel made this endeavor possible of giving more sources for teachers and students to learn more by providing links in known titles of Rex Bookstore,” said Rex Bookstore, Inc. Chairman and President, Atty. Dominador D. Buhain. “With the same endeavor, we are able to raise funds in helping the mission of Knowledge Channel in reaching as many poor children by arming them with skills and knowledge that will help them live their livesbetter. We at Rex are proud to share in this advocacy,” he added.

KCFI, through its Chairman Mr. Oscar M. Lopez, recognized the value of the partnership as an innovative way to both provide more content choices for students and teachers while generating resources that will also benefit them in the process. He also thanked the owners of Rex Bookstore for the donation. “The gift that Atty.Buhain and his family are giving to Knowledge Channel is not something you can expect everyday. They were able to sell so many books, and today they give us a share of P5 for every book they sold. We thank you for your generosity,” said Mr. Lopez.

Now on its 3rd year, the partnership between Rex Bookstore and Knowledge Channel is seen as a unique venture of combining the traditional textbook with digital content. This approach can serve as a model for future endeavors to help enrich the learning experiences of students, as well as equip teachers with more resources for teaching, especially with the emergence of many various teaching-learning modalities brought about by technology.

The Knowledge Channel video links may be found in the following titles of Rex Bookstore: Kayamanan for Grade School, High School Social Studies, Math for Life for Grade School Mathematics, E-Math, Essential English, and Proficiency in English.

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