Lea Salonga and Gerard Salonga Gear Up Their Kids As Future Music Talents?

During Lea Salonga‘s recent 35th anniversary concert “Playlist: The Repeat,” the broadway diva’s nine-year-old daughter Nicole Beverly Chien surprised the crowd by singing “Yesterday’s Dream” that led people to ask whether the Salongas’ are already prepping up the next generation of talents in Philippine music industry.

Lea Salonga

“She likes to sing, but it’s hard to tell now if it’s for professional later on. Right now, she just enjoys it,” Lea Salonga tells to Anthony Taberna in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” airing this Thursday (Jan. 23).

Meanwhile, multi-awarded musician and Lea Salonga’s brother, Gerard Salonga, has also passed his passion for music on to his children.

Lea's daughter Nicole sings 'Yesterday's Dream'

“My son is currently taking up piano lessons. He likes to sing and dance, he listens to classical music, and he also listens to Bruno Mars,” Gerard Salonga says.

As the maestro of ABS-CBN’s Philharmonic Orchestra, his advocacy is for the youth to embrace music. Gerard Salonga also gives his fellow parents a piece of advice that they should provide the primary encouragement to their children, especially when they show interest in music, regardless of social class.

“Parents should find an outlet for their children’s musical abilities. It is not necessary for them to own instruments. For instance, they can sing in a church choir. Learning must not be expensive. The first instrument can be their voice, which can be developed further,” he explains.

Anthony Taberna

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