Lea Salonga Makes Everyday A Statement with Philip Stein

Lea Salonga made her statement to the world many times over.  Her successful string of roles in broadway productions and the marvel of her singing voice in Disney hits Alladin and Mulan are testimonies of what one can achieve, learn and share with the rest of the world.

“I’m very lucky to have a job that I love to do. I fell into this through some divine intervention where it seems my work was created for me. I’m lucky that I don’t know what it feels like not to know what you are going to do for the rest of your life. I’ve known since I was a little girl,” Lea says.

In the last 35 years, Lea Salongas’ portrayal of roles such as Annie, Kim in Miss Saigon, Eponine and Fantine in Les Miserables and the voice of Jasmine in Aladdin were infused with passion and discipline. “All my life, in everything I do, I infuse it with passion, whether I’m onstage or taking care of my family or being a coach,” Lea emphasizes.  As a result, Lea has won numerous awards, including a Tony, Laurence Olivier, Outer Critics Circle Award, Drama Desk Award, and the Presidential Award of Merit given by then President Corazon Aquino, to name a few, which garnered respect and admiration across all genders and age brackets. With all these recognition, she continues to make our country proud  – as a world-class artist, mother, mentor and now the endorser of luxury wellbeing watch brand, Philip Stein.

Lea Salonga The Voice of Passion and Well-Being

Lea Salonga The Voice of Passion and Well-Being

While being passionate in everything she does, Lea still keeps a sense of balance in her life, thus, instilling the brand philosophy of Philip Stein – which focuses on helping people to improve focus, perform better, achieve balance and live with passion.

“The best lesson I have learned all these years is not to take everything too seriously. One should keep a good sense of humor,” she says. For her, when a person begins to take things seriously, you take the fun out of doing the things you love.

Part of living a well-balanced life is keeping track of time, “It was an easy decision to be the Philip Stein endorser because for one I’m a watch person.  I have been using Philip Stein for years.  I love the interchangeable watch strap colors.  My daughter and I have a fun time choosing what strap color will go well with my outfits,” Lea says.

“The choice was easy for Philip Stein as well,” says Emerson Yao, managing director of Philip Stein in the Philippines. “Lea has long been known as a premiere artist – from being an award-winning stage performer, talented actress, and more recently, coach for aspiring young artists.  Lea epitomizes the brand’s DNA of living life with passion and perfection while achieving balance in well-being,” Emerson elaborates.


Lea Salonga The Voice of Passion and Well-Being

Lea Salonga The Voice of Passion and Well-Being


To get to know the brand better, Lea visited the Philip Stein office in Zurich, Switzerland. She met with Philip Stein president Will Stein and his wife, Rina Stein, co-founder of the brand. The Steins showed Lea the Philip Stein timepieces, sleep bracelet, and other accessories.  Lea was pleasantly surprised to see the Philip Stein wall of fame – where photos of brand ambassadors all over the world, such as Oprah Winfrey, Samuel L. Jackson and herself, are displayed.


As part of the journey, Will Stein made Lea go through the “Lemon Test,” which proves the effect of the Natural Frequency Technology of Philip Stein.  The test involved a presentation of two plates of freshly sliced lemon wedges, one of them being under a Philip Stein Natural Frequency card and the other without. After five minutes, Rina and Will asked Lea to take a bite on both lemon slices. The lemon slice, which had the Natural Frequency Technology card underneath, was more fragrant and tasted sweeter.


“The other lemon slice had almost zero fragrance and was really sour. Seeing it first hand was impressive,” Lea recalls. “I remember Will saying that if your body is well-balanced, you perform better, which, for me, is really important because not only am I a mentor to young kids and a performer, I am also a mother and a wife and I want every aspect to be great,” she added.


Philip Stein watches and accessories include the brand’s proprietary Natural Frequency Technology which is designed to pick up frequencies that are beneficial to human well-being, helping to improve focus, perform better, achieve balance, and live with passion.


For more information please visit www.philipstein.com, #makeeverydayastatement #liveintune.

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