Raise Your Game: A 4-Step Guide to Getting Ahead at Work and in Life

Manila, Philippines – With work environments getting more and more competitive every day, gaining ground to achieve success is becoming an even bigger challenge. According to fitness coach and APEX (Athletic Performance Enhancement) Sports Training Inc. Training Director Jim Saret, staying on top of your game begins with a well-rounded health routine – be it morning yoga sessions, burying your nose in a good book, or other habits that help sustain a proactive mind and body.

The New Year provides a fresh start for young professionals to get ahead at work and lead happier and healthier lives. Revamp your lifestyle and r- energize your work-life balance this 2014 with these four easy and sure-fire tips from Coach Jim Saret.

Build your knowledge

Expanding your reading list or simply learning more skills eventually becomes an edge when it is time to climb the corporate ladder. As people move up, tasks and procedures become more challenging. Knowing the business does not only make the job easier but also more gratifying.

Education is not limited to books, journals, and even the internet. Daily encounters and stimulating conversations with people can give you a better sense of how to create a fruitful change in your field of work. This can also help expand your network, increase your confidence and lead to more exciting opportunities.

Take breaks

Whether you have a hectic week ahead or a flexible work schedule, taking a short break can aid productivity. Various studies suggest that workers must take brief physical and cognitive rests multiple times a day for better performance.

A snack with co-workers or even a quick view of social media accounts can rejuvenate the mind and motivate creative dialogues that may benefit ongoing and upcoming projects. Moreover, it reduces stress and pressure to encourage a lighter approach to the tasks at hand.

Get physical

Maintaining healthy habits to endure nine hours of work a day tests every adult’s self-discipline, not to mention the physical and mental energy to keep going. Consistently engaging in physical activities develops a better immune system and longer stamina for you to carry the regular workload.

If you can’t squeeze a quick workout into your hectic morning schedule, you can always opt to strip off the pounds and grow stronger at night. Not all highly accomplished people take on the gym before sunrise; night owls can always make time for exercise at their favorite time of day.

Physical workouts not only reinforce the body but also build a sound mind. Running, for instance, provides you with an opportunity to map out the rest of the day. Thirty minutes to an hour is ample time for you to prioritize and complete tasks to make the latter part of the day less taxing.

Find a fitness partner

The MILO R2-APEX Running School (MARS) delivers elite training workouts and sports medicine-based running principles for beginners, amateurs, and professional marathoners. The current program offers various assessment sessions and routine trail runs to regulate the runners’ physical condition and increase their skill level for the world of athletics.

Avid runners Caryl Aglian and KC Aglian-Vicedo, who were first introduced to the sport of running through MARS, share that the program has helped them transition to a better lifestyle and motivated them to reach their aspirations in life. “As pace buddies, my sister and I look after each other’s status on the track. So, the program has become not only a platform for growth but a place for us to bond as well. Together we learned that in order to succeed on and off MARS, we must constantly practice and remain focused on the goal ahead,” said 34-year old KC.

Among the wide selection of post-exercise recovery drinks, chocolate remains to be one of the most effective beverages to boost tired muscles and replenish the energy lost during activity. Caryl and KC drink MILO’s new mix MILO R2 that brims with the classic chocolate taste that every Filipino loves. MILO R2 has a unique blend of PROTOMALT and carbohydrates to help refuel and reenergize adults during and after work.

MILO believes in the value of reinforcing the balance between work and life after work to achieve success. Earlier this year, the brand rolled out its MILO R2 Duality Campaign to encourage young professionals to lead an active lifestyle while keeping healthy habits and a glass of the energy-filled MILO R2 every day.

For more information, log on to the MILO Philippines Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/milo.ph) and follow MILO on Twitter (@MiloPH).

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