Regine Tolentino’s Top 5 Parenting Tips That Will Benefit Your Child Most

“Every day we make it a point to have one family meal together,” shared Regine Tolentino during her talk at the biggest family event, Baby & Family Expo Philippines.

Multi-talented actress and TV host imparted what she had learned about parenting from her own upbringing and her experiences as a mom herself.  Born of Kapampangan parents, who had migrated to the US as teenagers, met and married there to raise a family, Regine reminisced about how it was to grow up in the US in a non-Filipino community.

“We’re very tight knit…very communicative,” Regine stuttered a little as she said this. She was unhesitating in admitting that her family life was far different from that of her peers. She attributed her solid family unit to the efforts of her parents to raise them as Filipino Catholics.

Regine Tolentino and Lander Vera Perez were also awarded the GOLDEN COUPLE OF THE YEAR 2013 at the BABY AND FAMILY EXPO Philippines 2013

“It was a great experience for me to move here at the age of 16. I was able to compare my upbringing with how the culture is here…I was able to get the best of both worlds.” As a parent, though, it was apparent that Regine was greatly influenced by her mother’s relaxed parenting style.

“She’s a survivor,” was how Regine characterized her mother. And yet Regine said that her mom never put pressure or enforced rules on her children as they were growing up. “I learned to set goals for myself and to challenge myself to do things…They supported me in anything and everything I wanted to do.”

The young Regine learned very early on to decide on and go after the things she wanted, be it crocheted dresses for her dolls or ballet classes. Her love of dancing, said the qualified Zumba instructor, she inherited from her mom.

“The goal setting came from within myself…to find out who we are and what we love to do,” she stated with a smile. It is ironic that now that she is a mom herself, she is feeling the pressure to do her best for her own children.

The sexy and funny 35-year-old mom of teenagers Rain and Regan admitted it may be difficult with a lot of businesses to attend to aside from her show business commitments. But she makes sure she manages to be both a mother and a friend to her daughters. But she doesn’t let this fact faze her.

Regine Tolentino’s top 5 parenting tips that will most benefit your child are:

  1. Teach your child to always stand tall and dress well, as it will give them confidence in life.
  2. Be showy to your child; take every opportunity to tell them how much you love them.
  3. Give your child the best help that you can.
  4. Make decisions as a family.
  5. Set aside quality time for family, no matter how busy you are.

Regine will share again her insights on parenting this coming 2nd Baby & Family Expo 2014 to be held on August 01-03, 2014 at the World Trade Center. Parents can learn the latest trends and relative tips about pregnancy do’s and don’ts, newborn and infant care, child development tips, parenting 101 from celebrity parents like Regine Tolentino, Gladys Reyes, Edric Mendoza, RJ Ledesma and more.

Regine Tolentino and Lander Vera Perez GOLDEN COUPLE OF THE YEAR 2013 at the BABY AND FAMILY EXPO Philippines 2013

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