Solaire’s Sky Tower is Now Open!

Sky Tower, the newest all-suite prestige hotel of Solaire Resorts & Casino boasts of lavish finishes, luxurious in-room facilities, and an overall aura of sophistication and elegance.

Wake up to a pampering of luxurious proportions, spent in a private haven of leisure and recreation. At nightfall, witness the breathtaking Manila Bay sunset give way to a nightscape of festive city lights. And between sunup and sundown, all you have to do is soak in the privileged lifestyle — simply because you deserve it.

The premium suites of Sky Tower complements Solaire’s brand of exceptional service delivered by highly trained staff. All of these are put together to guarantee that guests can fully immerse in luxury, style, and comfort that they deserve.

Book at Sky Tower suites now and experience premium indulgence in this newest prestige hotel of Solaire Resort & Casino.

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