TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy 2014 Makes Action-Packed Premiere

The much anticipated return of Talentadong Pinoy 2014 kicked off with action-packed performances of both its contestants and its new host, Robin Padilla.

Talentadong Pinoy 2014’s first episode this August 16 opened with an ensemble of performances of Ultimate Talentadong Pinoy winners. First Ultimate Talentado Joshua “Yoyo Tricker” Davis shared the stage with 2nd Ultimate Talentado Joseph the Sand Artist, 3rd Ultimate Talentado Daniel “Astro Boy” Darwin and 4th Ultimate Talentado Spyro Marco in a one-of-a-kind number showcasing each of their skills, with new host Robin Padilla making his grand entrance by flying in zipline-style.


Aerial silk performer Mystique

True to its promise of showcasing unique and original Pinoy talents, the first episode of Talentadong Pinoy 2014 gave the spotlight to the first batch of contestants — a 5-man synchronized dance number maneuvered by a single-individual, a skilled ventriloquist, a light-operated dance group, an aerial silk performer, and a funny impersonator. For the first time, Talentadong Pinoy 2014 host Robin Padilla used his new power (the power to save one contestant even when the talent scouts decide to close the dreaded red curtain) to save “Elsa”, one of the contestants who failed to please the talent scouts. Aerial silk performer Lariza Jane Cabaltiera or Mystique emerged as the winner in the first Talentadong Pinoy 2014 episode.

Joining Robin Padilla are co-hosts Mariel Rodriguez and Tuesday Vargas, who provided behind-the-scene updates on the contestants and their families. Giving their valuable comments as talent scouts for the pilot episode are Alice Dixson, John “Sweet Lapus and TV5 princess Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Talentadong Pinoy 2014 airs every Saturday, 7pm on TV5.


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