Kapatid Network’s Top Programs Garner Unprecedented Global Success

While it is widely known that TV5 is in fact the ‘fastest growing broadcasting network in the Philippines’, TV5 International has meanwhile taken the responsibility of translating this already remarkable title to the global stage—and rightfully so!

In just a short span of three years, TV5 International has already successfully distributed some of the Kapatid Network’s most-watched programs all over the world, including, most recently, the various key territories in the African region, as well as to the Philippines’ neighboring Asian countries.

TV5 International President and CEO Claro Carmelo Ramirez notes, “Since 2011, side-by-side with our commitment in bringing the Kapatid Network’s top programs to every Filipino household all over the world, TV5 International has also made it its mission to proudly introduce our various programs—and in turn, showcase the Pinoy talent—in the international scene. So far, the positive feedback of the global market to our various offerings has confirmed that our programs are indeed world-class.”

As it is, key African markets have continuously clamored and demanded for more TV5 shows, after widely accepting programs like “Handful of Tears” (Isang Dakot na Luha), “Roses and Thorns” (Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak), “The Poor Heiress” (Babaeng Hampaslupa), “Glamorosa”, and “Valiente”.

In addition, regional viewers from nearby Asian countries like Cambodia, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam, have also been in awe of the Kapatid Network’s shows after commissioning the titles “Felina”, “Cassandra”, “Third Eye”, “Enchanted Garden”, “Undercover” and “Misibis Bay”.

“Non-Pinoy viewers have appreciated what TV5 International has to offer because time and again, we have proven that the Kapatid Network’s programs are different, innovative, and ultimately entertaining. Further, with the international community’s wide acceptance of our programs and admiration of the talent of our TV5 artists, this has solidified our future plans in forging even more partnerships with more networks in other parts of the world,” shares Ramirez.

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