Unveiling Veloci: A Must Watch for the Brave and Fearless

The Italian-inspired Veloci watch dares you to live your life to every spirited second. You only live once, after all, and nobody knows what happens next. You owe it to yourself to fill your days with adventure, whether it’s defying gravity with skydiving or bungee jumping from thousands of feet in the air, or swimming into the depths of the sea with sharks. Time is golden, especially with Veloci, and it reminds you to have that insatiable thirst for a life well-lived.

In the midst of all these daring adventures, it’s imperative that you do it in style. Veloci stands for the young and the fashionable, the ones who face up to their biggest fears and do it with a daredevil attitude. They’re the ones who don’t forget to look good, no matter if they are hiking up the highest cliffs, or surfing the most treacherous waves —they know that making an effort to look good also means loving yourself.

Karen Pamintuan_3

Karen Pamintuan

Ornusa Cadness_7

Ornusa Cadness

Patty Betita_2

Patty Betita

Gretchen Fullido_2

Gretchen Fullido

Andrea del Rosario_5

Andrea del Rosario

Gelli Victor_4

Gelli Victor

Antoinette & Tom Taus_1

Antoinette & Tom Taus



It’s no wonder then, that a number of celebrities from Marc Nelson, Ornussa Cadness, Sanya Smith, Lifestyle Network host Walter de Mesa, celebrity chef Sharwin Tee, Robby Carmona, DJs Mars Miranda and Tom Taus, vocalist Jay Contreras from Kamikaze, showbiz reporter Gretchen Fullido, Patty Betita, MYX VJ’s Chino Lui-Pio, Karla & Ai, John Spainhour, Obama Grill’s Manoy Llige and Ginebra Team players LA Tenorio, Mac Baracael, Mark Caguiao, and host / fitness professional Gelli Victor were spotted in Boracay recently donning Veloci watches to add a splash of color into their beach outfits. They all share the philosophy that Veloci has in that a life lived well is a life with no regrets. As Jayjay Helterbrand of Ginebra San Miguel said as he put the watch on, “I have a big fear or fascination with sharks. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and go cage diving with great white sharks.” Marc Nelson shared this sentiment and said that his greatest adventure to date was diving with white sharks in Hawaii —without the cage.

Walter de Mesa_3

Walter de Mesa

PBA Player JayJay Helterbrand_1

PBA Player JayJay Helterbrand

PBA Player Mac Baracael_1

PBA Player Mac Baracael

PBA Player Mark Caguioa_2

PBA Player Mark Caguioa

Marc Nelson_3

Marc Nelso

For some celebrities like Walter de Mesa, Antoinette Taus, host/model Karen Paminutan, and Andrea del Rosario, traveling and seeing the world are their biggest dreams. “My greatest adventure is seeing historical sites like Angkor Wat! [My] bucket list would be to see all the great wonders of the world,” Andrea said. Wherever their adventures take them, Veloci is readily strapped onto their wrists.

Veloci watches, after all, are the perfect accessories to their ensembles, be it for the office, the night club, the mall, or the beach. Veloci is customizable and is meant to fit in with every aspect of their lives. Veloci comes in five collections, each with its own distinct characteristics so you can take on your own adventures in style.

The Aeronaute is designed for the daredevils, those who see themselves riding into the sunset on an Italian motorcycle with a beautiful Italian woman at his back. They have a need for speed, and believe that there is no challenge that they can’t conquer. The Voyager is for the seafarers, those who love skimming the waters and don’t mind plunging into the deep. They are the ones who sail the world to sate their thirst for wanderlust, and who want to experience every different culture that they come across.

The Cruise, meanwhile, is for those who like to sit back and enjoy the ride, for the spontaneous and the brave. They are the ones to forge on journeys without an itinerary, those who indulge themselves with a cold glass of mojito while sunbathing on a yacht deck and letting life take them where they please.

Veloci Voyager

Veloci Voyager

The Aeronaute, Voyager, and Cruise are characterized by their sophisticated Japanese movements, each with sleek stainless steel cases. Because Veloci is all about spontaneity, these watches also come with interchangeable Natostraps which can be switched in seconds and without tools.

Veloci Pulse_5

Veloci Pulse

Veloci also has a digital collection comprised of Pulse. Pulse is for the fashionable athlete, the teammate for champions on and off the court who live to compete and win at every game. It is 100 meter water resistant, and deliver function with an alarm and stop watch. Metro, meanwhile, is a new addition to the fashion collection. It is for the nocturnal urbanite, the life of the party and the wingman for any long night out filled with bass and neon lights.

There is no shortage of Veloci watches that cater to your varying styles. So whatever you dream of doing, Veloci is right there with you as you cross off items in your bucket list.

Veloci watches are available in all Timestudio, Asprey boutiques and SM Department Stores.


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