Brittany Launches “Giorgio” in Amore in Portofino, Alabang

Amore, the 32-hectare Tuscan region-inspired enclave Portofino in Alabang, has a new offering that lets would-be residents indulge their passion for living: Giorgio, a home that combines comfy, cozy living spaces with an elegant, rustic Italian design—all built from the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Real property developer Brittany has always been known for keeping at the forefront of innovation, and its homes in Amore are crafted with an eye for blending elements of timeless beauty with modern improvements suitable for today’s lifestyles and tastes.

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Giorgio features the latest improvements from a previous design. The second floor balcony is now part of the master’s bedroom. Rooms have been maximized, resulting in airier, expanded spaces without sacrificing the overall aesthetic experience. The result is that homeowners now have greater freedom to move around and enjoy the beauty and comforts of home.

Giorgio is just one of three elegantly designed rustic Italian homes in Amore, all of which are inspired by the rustic Tuscan region of Italy—the birthplace of the Renaissance, a time when human knowledge and artistic genius spread from Italy towards the rest of Europe, bringing forth legacies in science, architecture, and art that continue to inspire and put us in awe until today.


Amore is nestled in on prime, fertile, windswept terrain cradled by trees.  It is accessible through three major road arteries. It is only seven minutes away from the central business district of Alabang and just 35 minutes’ drive from Makati.

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According to Patricia Dial, Brittany’s Marketing Head, the Italians’ passion for life and the legacy of the Renaissance provided the perfect inspiration for the design of Giorgio and the rest of the Amore property.

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“We created the cluster concept to provide a rustic and relaxed environment for families to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Enjoying life with one’s family and friends is really a priceless experience. We made improvements in Giorgio and in the rest of the property to enhance this experience even more,” she explained.


Besides Giorgio, the house-types in Amore include Leandro, Tavola and Giorgio. Their floor areas range from 211 sqm to 264sqm; available packages range from P14 million to P22 million.

These homes are arranged according to a unique feature developed by Brittany called Clusters. A Cluster is an assemblage of 4 single-detached residential units with a common treated driveway and a landscaped pocket garden. The landscape features promote a quaint, rustic and romantic ambience – providing a sense of community without sacrificing security and privacy.

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Amore has first-class features and premium utilities designed for homeowners to enjoy the fullest living experience possible. For example, power and communication cables are installed underground so residents enjoy an unobstructed view of the landscape.  There are perimeter fences and buffer trees that serve as the boundary between lots to ensure security. There’s also a 24/7 security system that safeguards the entire property.


Uninterrupted water service is assured by deep wells and water reservoirs while the entire community is kept clean and environmentally sound through regular garbage collection and waste disposal every other day. Overseeing the entire community is a professional property management team to make sure that Amore’s high standards of living and excellent security are maintained.

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“With the improvements and amenities now in place, it’s the best time to come by Amore now and see for yourself the high quality of life possible when you make your home there—whether you are starting out in your new life with your family or are looking for a home to spend the best of your retirement years,” said Patricia Dial.


Brittany Corporation is a maverick real estate developer of innovative and creative lifescapes. Its eclectic and vibrant portfolio includes CrossWinds, Portofino, Georgia Club, Mosaic at Greenbelt, KL Mosaic at Legaspi, and Avant at The Fort. With master planned developments steeped in character, stylistic and thematic appeal, rich architectural details and excellent craftsmanship, it successfully and continuously reinvents the local real estate landscape.

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