The Benefits of Concepcion Midea Inc.’s Refrigerator Models

Concepcion Midea Inc., the joint venture of Concepcion Industrial Corp. and Midea that made high-quality, cost-effective appliances available to consumers of all classes, further raised the standard for another set of important home equipment: the kitchen refrigerator.  Three new models  from Midea Inc. redefined the over-all design, feel, and function of the familiar appliance, making it a device that brings comfort, convenience, and a bit of leisure to  perpetually busy 21st century professional.

“The tastes and requirements of the modern man and woman today are quite different and demanding,” says Mr. Phillip Trapaga, General Manager of Concepcion Midea Inc.  “In the digital age, every piece of equipment is either smart or it becomes obsolete.  It must take into account the needs of its consumer and not just provide for them, but actually ‘anticipate’ them through an intelligent programming built into the design.  Concepcion Midea Inc. spares no expense in investing in cutting-edge research and development that gains accurate insights into what our clients need, and then infusing into our appliances the features needed that can support them in the lifestyle that they want.”

First to come down the innovation pipeline is the Side by Side Refrigerator that is with dispenser and a home bar.  The dispenser makes sure that water is always available for those who like their drinks cool or the home bar for their wine chilled.  A home bar is indispensable during parties and other home events, allowing the owner to easily access favorite drinks set at the right temperature at the right time and serve them punctually and effortlessly to his guests.  This refrigerator is also very cost-effective and its usage cuts down electrical consumption giving 54 percent savings.

The French Door Refrigerator is the crown jewel of the Concepcion Midea Inc. line of appliances. It accompanies its elegant style with modern innovations that prolong to a greater degree the lifespan of the fruits and vegetables it contains.  High-moisture retention technology maintains a humidity level that keeps food fresh for a longer period of time. The ultra violet light it emits promotes photosynthesis and removes pesticides, ensuring the cleanliness of the food. Homemakers, health-conscious eaters, and food lovers who want to ensure safety in their dishes will find the French Door Refrigerator a welcome support system for their lifestyle.

The third and most basic model, the Side-by-Side Refrigerator Basic, has a multi-flow airflow facility that enables uniform cooling throughout the appliance, protecting the food from sudden changes in temperature.  A user-friendly electronic control empowers the user to determine the temperature within the appliance.  This model is perfect for those who live fast lives and want easy access to their frozen food, cooking them in an instant and without having to go through the trouble of finding the particular meat or fish that they want.

Midea is an international appliance maker and manufacturer that has gained prominence all over the world for a product line including airconditioners, microwaves and laundry machines, among others. Concepcion Industrial Corp. is the leader when it comes to airconditioners, and refrigerators in the Philippines. Both companies invest heavily in research to ensure that their products meet, if not surpass, the best international standards and yet are also keenly sensitive to the preferences of the local market.

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