“Bridges of Love” Starring Maja Salvador, Jericho Rosales, Paulo Avelino Premieres March 16

ABS-CBN presents its newest powerhouse drama offering this 2015 via upcoming primetime TV series “Bridges of Love,” which premieres on primetime TV this Monday (March 16).

Dubbed as a “story like no other,” “Bridges of Love” shares the tale of two brothers, Gael (to be played by Jericho Rosales) and Carlos (to be played by Paulo Avelino), who were bound by their promise to each other but separated by an unfortunate tragedy. Separated by guilt and hatred, Gael and Carlos will be bridged together by love embodied by only one woman — Mia (to be played by Maja Salvador), a vivacious club dancer who happens to be Gael’s greatest love and the woman who completed Carlos’ broken heart. Will their love for Mia be the ultimate test to Gael and Carlos’ brotherhood torn asunder in the past? In the end, will love bring them together, or will it create an irreconcilable gap that will tear them apart permanently?

Last March 15, the main cast Jericho Rosales, Paulo Avelino and Maja Salavador sits down with a group of bloggers to promote the series. Watch the full bloggers’ conference below:

“Bridges of Love” is directed by Dado Lumibao, Will Fredo, and Richard Somes. It is under the Star Creatives production, the creator of recent TV hits including “Princess and I,” “Got to Believe,” “The Legal Wife,” and “Forevermore.”

The upcoming series will also feature Antoinette Taus, Max Eigenmann, Maureen Mauricio, Lito Pimentel, John Manalo, Janus del Prado, William Lorenzo, Joross Gamboa, and Malou de Guzman. Don’t miss the ABS-CBN’s newest powerhouse drama offering this 2015, “Bridges of Love,” this Monday after “Forevermore” on Primetime Bida.

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