Carrying The Flag for Heneral Luna

Inspired by Heneral Luna’s tremendous impact in rekindling patriotic fervor especially among the youth, concerned citizens have taken the initiative in “carrying the flag” and perpetuating the legacy of one of the country’s unsung heroes.

Former Quezon City councilor and incumbent LTFRB Board Member Atty. Ariel Inton recently sponsored two free block screenings of Heneral Luna at Robinsons Magnolia’s Cinema 4 last Saturday, September 24.

He said, “I believe in the movie so much, and I just want to make sure that more people, especially the young students, get to watch it. All this talk of heroism makes us think about what we can do as individuals.”

“In my own humble way, I just want to make sure that the gallantry of Antonio Luna continues to burn in the hearts and minds of our youth. I just hope that other concerned citizens can do the same and help ‘carry the flag’ in their own small way.”

Also present during the afternoon block screenings were cast members Epy Quizon, Arron Villaflor and Leo Martinez.

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