TV5 premieres #ParangNormalActivity To Strengthen Saturday Primetime

Right after Lola come the misadventures of the new and lovable barkada of young, mystery-solving cuties in #ParangNormalActivity.

The weekly series follows the journey of four young friends – the only members of a school’s ‘Paranormal Club’ – as they attempt to solve various eerie mysteries unfolding in each episode. Along the way, the group deals with the antics of supernatural creatures and elements (whether it be ghosts, mananaggals, or zombies, among many more others). They become the laughing stock of their school and are branded the #ParangNormal club.

But the program puts a unique and entertaining spin to its paranormal theme because, unknown to her friends, one of the protagonists is actually a ghost herself!  Charlie (Ella Cruz) is bubbly, upbeat, positive and smart. The friendly ghost plays a big role in the ‘Paranormal Club’ as she helps the group figure out various mysteries around them while at the same time letting them understand more about the supernatural.

“The irony is that, as we move forward with advances in technology, there is a bigger need to look back and be reminded of our traditions and our values,” says Director/Producer Perci Intalan, who created this new series with award-winning filmmaker Jun Robles Lana.

"Parang Normal Activity" Casts

The “Parang Normal Activity” Casts

The comedic flavor and romantic twist in the program kick in with Charlie’s uncharacteristic friendship with the members of the #ParangNormal boys: 3 nerdy, unpopular teenagers named Makoy (showbiz scion Ryle Paolo Santiago), Red (child star Andre Garcia) and Third (commercial model Shaun Salvador).

For the pilot episode, The ‘Paranormal Club’ looks into the case of the ghost that appears in people’s selfies and scares students until they are catatonic.

Be sure to catch the exciting out-of-this-world adventures and supernatural encounters in the back-to-back premiere of at 7:00PM and #ParangNormal Activity at 8:00PM, this Saturday, July 11, exclusively on TV5!

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