IBM Lauded For CSR Sustainability

To recognize its sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility practices, IBM was hailed as the CSR & Community Impact Award Winner during the recently concluded ASEAN Corporate Sustainability Summit and Awards (ACSSA) 2015.

IBM was praised for the Intelligent Operations Center which the company turned over to the Philippine Government in 2014 as a response to Typhoon Haiyan and for the Corporate Service Corps program which continues to enable local communities while providing a training ground for IBM employees.

ACSSA honors individuals and organizations who were successful in demonstrating their commitment to sustainable operations. The CSR and Community Impact Award is given to a company whose corporate responsibility initiatives have provided maximum benefits to the community it supports.

Through the IBM Impact Grant of Technology and Services to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), IBM put in place an Intelligent Operations Center (IOC), a robust platform of hardware, software, and analytics, to help the Philippine government better manage disaster response and recovery by capturing data from multiple sources into a common view that provides a central point of command.

The Corporate Service Corps (CSC), IBM’s version of the Peace Corps, brings top caliber talent and expertise from across the globe to different parts of the country to help solve socio-economic issues. The Philippines has been a beneficiary if 14 CSC teams since its inception in 2008. In return, the program helps IBM develop its employees into forward-thinking leaders.

Luis Pineda, President and Country General Manager, IBM Philippines said, “We at IBM are humbled and deeply honored to be recognized as a leader in sustainable corporate responsibility. Having been in the Philippines for 77 years, we have learned that the key to becoming an enduring and successful enterprise is to continuously bring innovations that matter, not only to the clients we serve, but to the larger community.”

The award was presented by Shamama Afreen, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management, and was received by Luis Pineda, President and Country General Manager, IBM Philippines, Agnes Africa, Country Marketing, Communications, & Citizenship Leader, IBM Philippines, and Andrea Escalona, CC&CA Leader, IBM Asia Pacific.

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