Love Is in the Air In Single/Single

All season long, viewers of Single/Single have been waiting for its two leads to get together and fall in love, and as we saw in the recent episode, it finally happened!

When we last left housemates Joey and Joee (Matteo Guidicelli and Shaina Magdayao) they were wrestling with their growing attraction to each other. Sharing living space was just a convenient arrangement in the beginning, but as they spent more time together, sharing problems, concerns, crying on each other’s shoulder and offering comfort when needed, inevitably brought them closer and closer to the point where they themselves realized that what they felt for each other was no longer friendship, but had turned into love.

In the show’s last episode opened with a pivotal scene where Joee finally admitted to Joey that she had long realized there was something between them. She just didn’t want to admit it at first because she wanted to be sure it was really love.

Joee said: “I have to admit, matagalkona’ngna-realize na may spark. But I want to make sure I’m falling for the person, not the feeling. Datinako’ngna in-love satamang feeling perosamalingtao.”

Meanwhile, Joey, in a moment of romantic desperation, sought out their friend Ranee to help him learn why Joee was acting that way: He complained to Ranee: “I don’t know what’s holding her. She told me she likes me. Kung may bagahesiya from the past, akorinnaman. And who’s to judge kungsinoang mas masakitangpinagdaanan?”

Ranee, caught up in her own budding romance with ‘Motorcycle Guy’, helped the two of them decide what to do by offering them advice.

As the episode ended, she told Joee that it was a question of choosing her heart over her head.

So how is this going to end for the two housemates? Are they finally going to give in, or go their separate ways again?

Make sure you tune in to the show’s climactic season-ender where things will be revealed.

Single/Single is aired every Saturday at 8PM over Cinema One.

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