“Nathaniel” Fights to Save Humanity Until The End

Kapamilya stars Gerald Anderson, Shaina Magdayao, and child star Marco Masa will show worldwide viewers how good triumphs over evil as ABS-CBN’s top-rating drama series “Nathaniel” airs its finale episode on September 25, Friday (September 26, Saturday Australian Daylight Savings Time or AEST, New Zealand Daylight Savings Time or NZDT, and Guam time) on The Filipino Channel (TFC) worldwide.

“Nathaniel,” which is also English sub-titled for non-Filipino speaking viewers, has consistently won the Philippine ratings game every night since it aired in April and has captivated the hearts of Filipino families, reminding everyone of the innate goodness of humanity. 

Meanwhile, worldwide viewers will surely not miss the last three weeks of the series as the guardian angel Nathaniel (Masa) duels with the evil and the wicked in the world.

Will Nathaniel succeed in his mission to restore the faith of humanity in God? Can he stop the evil plans of the Tagasundo (Baron Geisler) against Paul (Anderson), and AVL (Coney Reyes)?  In the end, how will Nathaniel face Paul and Rachel (Magdayao) when they find out that he is their son?

Do not miss the last week of “Nathaniel” and hold on to the much-anticipated finale on September 25, Friday (September 26, AEST, NZDT, and Guam time) on TFC worldwide.

Worldwide viewers can catch that finale via livestream on TFC’s official online service, TFC.tv.  Relive the episodes of “Nathaniel” via TFC’s video-on-demand or VOD (Internet Protocol television or IPTV) service available in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

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