“Nathaniel” To Bring Back Faith In The Goodness of Humanity via TFC Worldwide

ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) newest drama series “Nathaniel” is set to inspire and remind Filipinos around the world about the innate goodness of people as the teleserye starring Gerald Anderson, Shaina Magdayao, and newest child actor Marco Masa premieres on Monday, April 20 (Tuesday, April 21 Australian Daylight Savings Time [AEST], New Zealand Daylight Savings Time [NZDT], and Guam time).

The series, sub-titled in English for non-Filipino speaking viewers, tells the story of Nathaniel (Masa), an angel who has a mission to come back to earth and restore humanity’s belief in God and remind them about the innate goodness that everyone possesses in their hearts.

How will Nathaniel’s faith in humans change when he experiences the struggles, pains, and cruelty in the world?  What will he do to strengthen the loyalty and devotion of people to God?

Completing the powerhouse cast of “Nathaniel” are Pokwang, Isabelle Daza, Benjie Paras, Jayson Gainza, Ogie Diaz, Sharlene San Pedro, Jairus Aquino, Yesha Camille, David Chua, Young JV, Fourth and Fifth Pagotan, and Coney Reyes.

“Nathaniel’s” official soundtrack, “Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin” is performed by King of Teleserye Theme songs Erik Santos.

“Nathaniel,” helmed by directors Darnel Joy Villaflor and Francis Passion, is the latest offering of TFC from ABS-CBN’s Dreamscape Entertainment Television, the same unit that created top-rating inspirational masterpieces such as “May Bukas Pa,” “100 Days to Heaven,” and “Honesto.”

Do not miss the beginning of the story of “Nathaniel” who will inspire everyone to have faith in the goodness of people, starting Monday, April 20 (Tuesday, April 21 AEST, NZDT, and Guam time) on TFC worldwide.  Viewers can also catch the premiere via livestream on TFC’s official online service, TFC.tv on April 20, 7:40 PM Manila time or via TFC’s video-on-demand (VOD) service (Internet Protocol Teleision or IPTV) available in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

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