Romantic Dilemmas in Single/Single

Something you didn’t expect happens between housemates Joey and Joee in this week’s exciting episode of Single/Single.

The two are at home when some playful teasing ensues, and a close encounter ends in a near-intimate moment. It creates a lot of questions in the mind of Joee, who has just been through heartbreak and doesn’t want to go there again so she’s trying to resist the pull of what seems like a developing attraction to Joey. “It’s too soon. It can be wrong. I don’t want to be wrong again,” she tells herself.

Will she be able to fight it? Or will she get over her fear of love and finally give in to what she feels?

The episode offers a dose of reality as the answers will teach viewers a thing or two (or more) about how to handle similar love problems in their own lives.

Meanwhile, her friends Ranee and Benny seem to be having a better time of it as they hit the love jackpot. Ranee goes on a different kind of lunch date with her ‘Motorcycle Guy’, while Benny has his own ‘getting to know you’ session that reaches until the wee hours of the morning with ‘SportsDad’ whose name he finally learns.

Both their dates turn out well, which leaves Joee wondering about her own love fate. While happy for her friends, she starts to feel bad for herself. Should she? Should she not? Should she allow herself to fall for another guy who could potentially break her heart?

Benny challenges her to go for it. What does Joee do? Find out in this week’s episode of Single/Single, featuring ShainaMagdayao and MatteoGuidicelli, and written by Lilit Reyes (with John Bedia). Directed by PepeDiokno, Single/Single airs every Saturday evening at 8PM on inema One.

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