Stars of the Night: Showcasing the Filipino Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a holiday close to every Filipino’s heart. Special preparations are undertaken every year to create yet another wonderful holiday season. From the presents to the decorations, everything must be perfect for the most beloved time of the year.

Bayo, as a company that takes pride in its Filipino heritage, is no different. The company has dedicated itself to fully embodying the festivity through its stores. Not only did it launch a new collection inspired by the parol, but it also worked with communities in need and decorated its stores with classic Filipino ornaments.

During the launch of its newest collection last November 17 at Bayo’s Glorietta 2 Store in Makati City, the company unveiled a seven-foot tall parol that would serve as the centerpiece of the store’s décor for the holidays.

Bayo had partnered with the artisans of San Fernando, Pampanga to provide beautifully crafted parols in all of its stores nationwide. These colorful Christmas lanterns would adorn the windows of each Bayo store throughout the season.

Along with the parol decorations and the new collection, Bayo also invited the Virlanie Foundation Children’s Choir to serenade the guests with Christmas songs during the event. The choir’s performance, akin to that of children caroling on the doorsteps of their neighbors, exemplified the feeling of the traditional Filipino Christmas celebration.

Bayo newest brand endorser, Iza Calzado

Bayo made this effort to further highlight how the company was inspired to create its upcoming holiday collection. Taking inspiration from the festivity, color, and happiness of the Filipinos, Bayo created the Style Harvest: A Holiday Heritage collection.

For the main event, Bayo launched its upcoming holiday collection entitled Style Harvest: A Holiday Heritage, which the company said was inspired by the parol, the Filipino’s symbol of the Christmas spirit.

From simply serving as guides that light the way for Misa de Galo attendees throughout history, parols have become a crucial part of our heritage. Christmas in the Philippines is incomplete without parols as they light up not only the streets, but also the homes of the Filipinos.

Bayo had chosen the parol as its inspiration for this very reason. What better to showcase Filipino Christmas than the symbol of the Filipino Christmas spirit itself? The clothes under the collection were designed with the festive colors and intricate patterns of the parol, resulting in high-quality chic garments.

The company’s Creative Director, Anna R. Lagon, says about the collection, “What we intend for the Style Harvest: A Holiday Heritage collection is to give a glimpse of how Christmas feels for us Filipinos. The colors, the festivity, these are just few things that we wish to convey through this collection, and using the parol to feature that feeling of Filipino Christmas is highly fitting.”

Style Harvest is Bayo’s collaborative brand launched last 2013. It promotes Filipino creativity and tries to help communities and organizations by sponsoring projects that cultivate Filipino talent and ingenuity. Style Harvest: A Holiday Heritage is the newest addition to the brand.

Bayo did not only unveil its new holiday collection and parol decorations during the launch, but it also introduced its newest brand endorser, Iza Calzado.

Iza Calzado is an award-winning actress known for playing strong, independent Filipinas in both film and television. With her natural Filipina beauty and grace, she was the perfect fit for the brand’s idea and audience.

“It is with great pleasure that we get to work with Iza Calzado,” says Lagon. “As a pure-blooded Filipina, she embodies what we, as a company, believe is beautiful in every Filipino woman.”

“I’m happy to work with Bayo,” says Calzado. “They’re a company that knows where they come from, and they put a lot of effort in showing that through their products. I’ve always been in full support of local brands, and with Bayo’s efforts to uplift the different Filipino traditions, I am more than happy to have partnered with them.”

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