Team Victor and The Secret Axe Black Society

Last August 25, personalities and friends from the media headed to Quantum Space Makati to take part in a secret society that celebrated the understated personality of the Axe Black Man.

The third and final leg in the Axe Black pop-up bar series, Victor Basa, fellow Axe ambassador Slick Rick, and teammates Coco Quizon, Julius Valledor, and Max Curry opened the gates of the Explorers Social Club, where guests were treated to numerous sights, sounds, and scents that highlighted the light and refined fragrance of Axe Black.Leading the mix of beats for the night were DJ Euric, Motherbasss, and Nix Damn P! The night was reminiscent of different eras from the past, celebrating the cool and timeless identity of the Axe Black Man, as well as showing his interests and hobbies.

“We really wanted to bring out the timeless interests and character of the Axe Black Man, so we borrowed a page from one of the oldest secret societies in the world, the Explorers Social Club,” shared Victor about the inspiration behind his pop-up bar.

At the center stood a teepee bar inspired by the by the members of the secret society of the time, with a modern look and feel interpreted through the glamping area and art installations. Guests also showed their competitive side at the Axe Arena, an area with ping pong and air hockey tables. Attendees were also treated to free temporary vintage tattoos at the Tattoo Parlor, and a creative photo at the foil photo room. #AxeBlackVictor also showcased cars from Land Rover and Maserati, and café racers that stood by the entrance.

Jake Cuenca with Sara Grace Kelly

Solenn HeusaffAtop the main area lay two more floors for the guests to explore. On the second level was the speakeasy bar-slash-study. This was where invitees grabbed the night’s whiskey-based signature drink, The Black Flag. One last climb brought the people to a special room, wherein a UV art installation lay, tickling the senses and enabling minds to wander.The event was well attended including guests like Jake Cuenca, Andie Eigenmann, Solenn Heusaff, Yassi Pressman, Nadine Lustre, and Bianca Manalo. Of course Axe Black Men Fabio Ide, and Frank Magalona were also there to join the party.

Nadine Lustre with Yassi Pressman

The UV room - one of the installations at #AxeBlackVictorThe night had proven that the last is certainly not the least, as #AxeBlackVictor brought his guests to different eras, countries, and dimensions, all with a spray of Axe Black.

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