TFC Brings Everyday I Love You Worldwide via [email protected], PPV on TFC & this November

ABS-CBN’s breakthrough love team, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil and Kapamilya Heartthrob Gerald Anderson star for the first time in Star Cinema’s newest romantic drama offering, “Everyday I Love You” which will be brought to cinemas by [email protected], to screens via Pay Per View on The Filipino Channel (PPV on TFC) and online via in selected countries and states worldwide this November.

Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, who helmed numerous Star Cinema box office hits such as “Catch Me…I’m in Love” (2011), “She’s The One” (2013), “Bride For Rent” (2014), and “Crazy Beautiful You” (2015), and with a script written by the talented team of Gillian Ebreo, Katherine Labayen, Iris Lacap, and Vanessa R. Valdez, “Everyday I Love You” is a film that celebrates the value of patience, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness.

“Everyday I Love You” is centered on the intertwined stories of its three major characters, Tristan, Audrey, and Ethan. Audrey (Liza Soberano) patiently waits for her boyfriend Tristan (Gerard Anderson) to wake up from his comatose state. As she makes ends meet to support the financial needs of Tristan, she meets Ethan (Enrique Gil) who willingly helps her with her financial problems.  Audrey and Ethan eventually develop a mutual affection for each other, which greatly confuses Audrey especially when Tristan wakes up from his coma.

The movie, which opened in the Philippines recently, marks the second collaboration of Gil and Soberano in the big screen, the first being “Just The Way You Are” which was shown early this year with immense blockbuster standing both locally and internationally.  Gil and Soberano, or LizQuen to their million worldwide fan base, are considered as the breakthrough love team of 2015 with the record-breaking success of their ABS-CBN series which aired on TFC worldwide, “Forevermore.”

Who will Aubrey choose the man of her dreams or the man who will make her dreams come true? Find out on “Everyday I Love You” in cinemas in select countries and states worldwide this November via [email protected]  Catch the latest romantic drama from Star Cinema worldwide at these schedules: November 6 in the United States and Canada; November 7 and 8 in London, UK at Vienna, Austria; November 8 in Milan and Rome, Italy; Paris, France; and Madrid, Spain; November 12 Middle East: UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, & Kuwait; November 12 in Australia and New Zealand; November 14 and 15 in Birmingham, UK; and November 22 in Singapore.

You can also catch “Everyday I Love You” via PPV on TFC and in the U.S., Canada, selected cities in Europe and Middle East, and Japan on November 6 and selected states of Australia beginning November 12.

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