ABS-CBN TVplus Takes On Big Role In MMDA Shake Drill With Emergency Warning Broadcast System Feature

ABS-CBN TVplus has stepped outside the boundaries of what television can do as it now plays a crucial role in disaster preparedness. In the metro-wide shake drill held by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), ABS-CBN TVplus demonstrated its state-of-the-art emergency warning broadcast system (EWBS) feature that warns and provides the public with information on what to do in times of emergency. With the EWBS, citizens can be alerted prior the disaster giving them the head start to evacuate to a safer place.

To facilitate the demonstration, partner schools of Knowledge Channel who were among the many ‘mahiwagang black box’ holders, were tapped to experience the huge impact of the EWBS during the earthquake simulation. At exactly 9AM, the warning message flashed on the TV screen while the students watched Knowledge Channel via ABS-CBN TVplus. After the prompt of the EWBS, students immediately performed ‘duck, cover, and hold’ and rushed outside their classrooms.

The EWBS warning message that flashed on Knowledge Channel during the metro-wide earthquake drill

The EWBS warning message that flashed on Knowledge Channel during the metro-wide earthquake drill

“We believe that disaster preparedness is important for every Kapamilya to have. Through the EWBS feature of ABS-CBN TVplus, a prompt automatically pops up while you ’re watching TV that comes together with instructions on what to do like the practice in Japan during an emergency or a Tsunami,” said ABS-CBN Digital Terrestrial Television Head of Marketing Sharon Tanganco.

“We always advocate the use of technology in our services at the MMDA and ABS-CBN TVplus’ emergency warning broadcast system is very much useful in cases of disasters. It would really be a big help in information dissemination like the shake drill,” MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos explained.

The emergency warning broadcast system (EWBS) of ABS-CBN TVplus was launched last year and is the first and only technology of its kind in the country. The warning message pops on screen to all ABS-CBN TVplus users nationwide when they are watching ABS-CBN, ABS-CBN Sports + Action, CineMo, Yey!, Knowledge Channel, and DZMM Teleradyo. As of June 2016, there are 1.2 million ABS-CBN TVplus box holders nationwide.

ABS-CBN is also the first media and entertainment company in the Philippines to make the historic switch from analog to digital terrestrial television in 2015 to transform the TV viewing experience of Filipinos. Using digital signal transmission, ABS-CBN TVplus makes TV viewing dramatically crystal clear. Aside from exclusive channels, it can also capture and broadcast channels that transmit in digital and is offered for a one-time payment fee of P1,999 without any monthly and installation fee.

ABS-CBN TVplus aims to make digital TV viewing enriching and provides information that can help protect Filipinos from emergencies and disasters.

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