Is Julie Finally Pregnant in “Home Sweetie Home”?

Speculations rise this Saturday (March 12) in “Home Sweetie Home” as Julie (Toni Gonzaga) has been seen wearing loose fitting clothes.

As rumors about a possible baby bump circulate in the Valentino-Matahimik household, people from the Soo Agency find themselves a father and son applicant, Mang Ben and Garry (Crazy Duo), who are in a midst of an emergency as one of their family members was involved in a vehicular accident.

Sir Paeng (Ogie Diaz) and Ed (Bearwin Meilly) agree to loan money to the father and son since they are willing to mortgage their original Rolex watch. Little do they know that they are already being deceived by these two experienced fraudsters.

Also, Rence (Clarence Delgado) is busy preparing for what he thinks is his first date with Isay (Heaven Paralejo) by shaving and wearing deodorant.

Is Julie really pregnant? Will Rence find out what love is? Will Soo Agency fall victim to yet another scam?

“Home Sweetie Home” is a weekly Saturday sitcom on ABS-CBN that promotes good values by showing relevant situations each week that affects all family members, while “Goin’ Bulilit” is all about good-natured kiddie fun.

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