Royal Gem Presents Its Women Of Brilliance

A woman is like a diamond, a rare beauty that is nurtured by time and honed by circumstance. With admirable courage, she does not break under any pressure and instead transforms, becoming stronger and reflecting a light care of her own inner brilliance.

Royal Gem, formerly Metro Jewelry, has for years sought the most flawless diamonds and precious jewels and fashioned them into fitting pieces that not only inspire, but are inspired by the strong spirit and beauty of women.

Today, Royal Gem marks a milestone by presenting five distinguished ladies, fitting “Women of Brilliance,” who embody the beauty, depth and brilliance of the long-standing luxury brand.

This stunning roster of women include renowned couture designer Patty Ang; Binibining Pilipinas International 2016 Kylie Verzosa; Best Dressed mainstay, designer and philanthropist Kaye Tinga; host, columnist and DPWH Undersecretary Atty. Karen Jimeno and heiress Princess Violago. With their effortless beauty, these women prove that trends may come and go, but style is enduring. With Royal Gem, they find the most stunning pieces that perfectly reflect their styles, principles and personalities.


The vivacious daughter of Oscar and Bootsie Violago, heiress Princess and the woman of style and grace and like the blond beauty, she doesn’t shy away from enjoying life to the fullest. “I believe in rewarding yourself, because life’s too short. You should live it big,” she says. Whether it’s travelling the world, pouring her energies into growing the family business or taking care of her daughter, Princess does it with admirable passion. Her larger-than-life personality reflects itself in her love for indulgent and more ornate pieces by Royal Gem. “I inherited my tastes from my mother who believed in wearing jewelry that was big, bold and bright. She had an entire collection of ruby necklaces in different cuts, which I now dearly prize. When it comes to jewelry, I particularly love more intricate, lavish pieces because it reminds me of the happy days of my childhood wherein we would often dress up and attend big society parties.”

Helping to grow Princess’ collection of colourful designs, Royal Gem offers perfect selections from the Imperiale Collection and Decadent Collection, which features stunning red rubies, majestic green emeralds, cool blue sapphires, and an array of playful gems that are fit for modern-day royalty.


Kaye Tinga, on the other hand, is drawn to more subtle shimmers like a beautifully crafted pair of diamond stud earrings. A fashion icon that has graced the most prestigious ‘Best Dressed’ lists and society pages, Kaye masterfully uses fashion and jewelry to reflect her eclectic yet still elegant style. “My most prized piece of jewelry is a pair of diamond studs, which were given to me by my parents when I got married. It’s my most treasured possession for both sentimental and practical reasons, as a pair of diamond studs can brighten up any outfit, whether it’s an old pair of jeans or the most beautiful evening gown.” From the Ultra Collection, Kaye has found the right touch of glimmer with iconic pieces that make special occasions even more memorable. This collection ranges from carat stones and one-of-a- kind high jewelry.


Touted as one of the most stunning women in the country, Bb. Pilipinas International Kylie Verzosa may be competing with a hundred other women on the world stage, but she stands out because of her elegant style, cool and winning disposition. “Among other equally beautiful women, you have to discover what makes you different and use that to leverage yourself.” The right kind of jewelry, for the crowned queen, is the perfect accent which gives you that added touch of glamour. “You choose jewelry to draw the right kind of attention. For me, I love pieces which are simple yet classy, minimalistic and modern,” she shares, adding that she loves pieces from Royal Gem’s Enchanted Collection. This line, which mostly takes inspiration from romance and nature, combines lustrous pearls with diamonds, producing pieces that are iconic and unparalleled in glamour.


Patty Ang, the renowned couturier, may love to keep it simple with her T shirt and jeans combo, her daily uniform, but she knows how to dress up with big classic heirloom pieces. With an eye for the romantic and feminine, Patty puts a fresh take on fashion by mixing simple but strong design statements with well- edited jewelry. “I love how jewelry can be so timeless. It transforms and translates so well into in any era and style. What looks good then still looks good now,” she says. Matching the designer’s design aesthetic that’s modern yet versatile, the Celestial Collection features a contemporary line that presents pieces that are light and airy, perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans or a casual night out, in her signature Patty Ang creation.


The epitome of the modern power woman, Atty. Karen Jimeno is a respected lawyer, morning show host, teacher, columnist, and newly appointed DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways Undersecretary), Atty. Jimeno balances the “hardness” of her profession with her softer femininity with a style that is classic and chic. “When it comes to jewelry, I prefer those that are not too colorful because in my legal profession, it’s not appropriate to be too loud. Diamonds are always elegant, and they’re perfect for any occasion, whether it’s day-time hearings or a social affair. On TV, they give you the right flourish, and for dinners and evening affairs they make any ensemble feel more elegant.” For her everyday jewelry, Atty. Karen looks to Royal Gem’s Pristine Collection, which includes pieces that are easy yet elegant, effortlessly taking its wearer from day to night.

While the women who wear Royal Gem are as diverse and multi-faceted as the brand’s collections, what they do share in common are an independent spirit and a strong sense of self. It is this empowered woman that Royal Gem counts as its muse and source of inspiration.

Despite their diverse styles and different personalities, all these icons have found themselves truly delighted by Royal Gem’s growing selection of elegant designs. Royal Gem’s pieces are not just works of art, they are also testament of quality and craftsmanship honed from over 3 decades of experience in the industry. They are pieces that are meant to be worn and appreciated both now and in the many years to come. They are proof that not all beauty is fleeting, and some forms of it do stand the test of time.

“Our collections are largely inspired by the spirit and lifestyle of the modern, contemporary woman. Our clientele is mainly women who have a strong sense of self and confident with their own sense of style. Thus Royal Gem is constantly seeking to specially curate pieces to complement her wardrobe choices with versatility, timelessness and a dash of romance in mind. Pieces are curated in that they will be appreciated and forever treasured as a wearable art,” shares Merrill Gaisano, the resident gemmologist of Royal Gem.

Explore the world of beauty and discover your own distinct style with precious gems and timeless designs care of Royal Gem.

Visit Royal Gem in Metro Stores located in Ayala Center Cebu, Alabang Town Center, Market! Market!, Marquee Mall in Pampanga and Metro Legazpi. It is owned and operated by Metro Jewelry.

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