Twitter And NESCAFÉ Philippines Co-create The Moment For KathNiel Fans

KathNiel fans in Philippines took to Twitter to express their support for the couple recently and NESCAFÉ Philippines responded by partnering with Twitter in a dedicated 24-hour Moments campaign on the platform. This marks the first time NESCAFÉ has launched TVC material on Twitter exclusively before anywhere else, and the first-of-its-kind Moments campaign in Southeast Asia, an innovative move that strengthens the collaboration between NESCAFÉ Philippines and Twitter.

“KathNiel fans on Twitter were vocal about their desire to see the couple return to the limelight. Working closely with NESCAFÉ and their agencies, we carefully analyzed the data. Together we agreed there was an opportunity for participatory storytelling – whereby the audience is an active participant.” Rohan Routroy, Brand Strategist for Southeast Asia, Twitter. “As a leader in digital innovation and brand storytelling, NESCAFÉ Philippines it was clear to us all that this was the perfect opportunity to debut the first Moments campaign in Southeast Asia.”

Moments take people to the heart of a story, and brands have always been behind some of the best creative integrations on the platform. The exclusive Moment in this case acted as a teaser to the TVC, unfolding the love story between KathNiel with each Tweet moment highlighted. The last frame asks fans to come back to NESCAFÉ’s handle to see how the story ends, in line with the launch of the TVC on Twitter.

Just being present is not enough anymore in the current digital environment especially in such a competitive industry like ours. Having a two-way relationship with our consumers has always been in the forefront of our priorities and we are always excited to work with Twitter on finding innovative ways of fostering these further,” said NESCAFÉ Philippines’ Brand Manager, Enrico Yee. “The Twitter Moment campaign was the perfect way to communicate the brand given the nature/essence of NESCAFE Creamy White as a product. NESCAFE Creamy White allows you to linger longer in moments that truly matter just like its milkiness that stays.”

#KathNielCreamyWhiteMoment trended organically taking the top two spots on Twitter. It peaked at the top spot after the new NESCAFÉ KathNiel TVC was added to the Promoted Moment. Within 24-hour campaign window, brand and the hashtag received over 120,000 mentions and over 4.3 million impressions. Between July 16 and July 21 2016, KathNiel’s Creamy White campaign received close to 38,000 likes and 27,000 retweets. The combination of strong creative assets, partnership with influencers, and well-planned campaign execution were key to its success.

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