Wanderlust: Set Off A Career into New Adventures

Education helps broaden your spectrum of knowledge and skills, but when it comes to learning about life, there is nothing more enriching than traveling and discovering the world around you. It captures you with a sense of wanderlust, and makes you yearn for more exciting destinations to explore, rich cultures and history to experience, mouth-watering cuisines to savour, as well as interesting people to meet.

For employees working in a traditional 8-to-5 set-up, however, finding the time to take a vacation and travel might be difficult. Well, it’s a whole different story for thousands of Philam Life Financial Advisors who have embarked on a Real Life journey towards success, and are enjoying the freedom to take charge of their own time and schedule while working steadily towards achieving their life goals.

Philam Life breaks boundaries once more, and takes the Wanderlust Mega Business Opportunity Program (BOP) off to greater heights. This time, conquering the provinces of Bulacan and Dagupan with some of the proud globetrotters of the Philam Life Premier Agency career path sharing their Real Life stories, and how they have become successful in the field of insurance.

Like many Filipinos, Rochelle Tumang from Sto. Domingo Associates, used to work a 9-to-6 job, and was too burdened by the long and arduous work hours. “I started to feel that my job was weighing me down, and that I wasn’t being enough of a mother to my family because of it,” Rochelle shared. “That’s when I decided to leave my job and find one that allows me to work on my own time, at my own pace, so I can stay home and be the mother my children deserve.” Rochelle also takes the time to listen to the needs of her clients, and she carries herself more like a mother too, allowing the clients to trust her with all their insurance needs.

Gerald Cruz from Mendoza Associates, has always lived by his own dictum, and his determination proves to be the key to his success. He started traversing the road to be a Philam Life Financial Advisor while he was still working as an IT professional in Singapore. “I wasn’t progressing the way I had envisioned it. I also felt the strain of being so far away from the people l love most. That’s why I decided to switch career and choose one that can reward me for the work and time I’ve put into the game,” Gerald highlighted.

On the other hand, Next Generation Premier Advisors from Starbright Financial Advisors, Neil Llorente and Grace Recomite, took the leap of faith and have become part of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) an elite group of internationally recognized Financial Advisors at a very young age.

Despite being much younger compared to other seasoned Financial Advisors, Neil credits the strong support of the Company and of his team. “Being in this industry is a good equalizer. Regardless of which background you come from, as long as you are willing and hardworking, you can succeed. Success is never an accident. It is determined by your character, your competence, and your commitment,” Neil expressed.

“I came to a point that I wanted to be the best version of myself, and I wanted to be in a career that I can see myself doing the rest of my life,” Grace shared. Therefore, she wasted no time and eagerly attended the various training and development programs institutionalized by Philam Life’s Premier Academy. Now, 27-year-old Grace brings her positive attitude when conversing with clients: “Every time I meet my clients, it is always a learning experience. Rejections only make me stronger,” Grace added.

Joe Michael Veloria from North Luzon-V.Sanglay Agency concurred with Grace and, added practices that can further improve communications skills. “Do it on a daily basis. The only way to master your craft is through repetition. In as short as one month, Philam Life Financial Advisors are more than ready to put what they’ve learned into actual practice, fast tracking their way up to the top,” Joe explained.

Alternatively, Carina Bayabo from Rizal-Maunahan Agency, spoke about her personal desire of philanthropy that led her to reach the top. “It has always been the mission before the commission,” Carina emphasized. With her success as a Philam Life Financial Advisor, Carina is able to live a life of significance, as well as change the lives of other people around her.

All speakers attributed their success to their positive attitude, commitment to learn and master their craft, and their strong partnership with Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company.

Stephen Segismundo, Head of Agency Strategy Office at Philam Life, concluded the events by reinforcing to the attendees the message that together with Philam Life, they will be able to live a life of stability and success together with the people that they love most.

For more information on Philam Life, please visit www.philamlife.com.

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