Zen Rooms: 3 Staycation Accommodations In Metro Manila Below Php 2,000

Feeling the dreary chill of sweater weather? Go grab your best buds and indulge yourselves with a well-deserved staycation in these hip and pretty hotels for less than PhP 2,000! Its guilt-free and easy on your pockets!

1. ZEN Home Knightsbridge Residences Makati
Address: B. Valdez, Manila 1210, Philippines

Price: Php 1,899/studio unit/night. Book at https://goo.gl/x7x4DV

Fancy yourself a dip in the pool at daytime and a night out in the bar? ZEN Home Knightsbridge is perfect then! ZEN Home Knightsbridge offers the best studios in the city with flat-screen cable television, speedy wifi, air conditioning, and a kitchen. And it’s situated just in the center of the most happening place in Makati: Poblacion!

Beware though, you’ll find it hard to go out of ZEN Home Knightsbridge Residences as the place is a wonderland in itself! With a spa, sauna, fitness center, pool, library, study room, and playground starting at PhP1,889 only, what else can you ask for?

2. ZEN Rooms Suez Street
Address: Suez street, Manila 1205, Philippines

Price: Php 1,619 for a Double Room. Book at https://goo.gl/P3QggM

Are you more of a laid back and lazy staycationer who wouldn’t mind sleeping in bed or watching Netflix the whole day?

Do yourself a favor and make a booking at ZEN Rooms Suez Street Makati. You wouldn’t ever wanna leave this hotel. Aside from all the ZEN Rooms guarantees, ZEN Rooms Suez Street Makati has its own hotel restaurant and bar where you can order a delicious meal while enjoying a spectacular view of the Makati skyline.

3. ZEN Hostel Kasipagan Mandaluyong
Address: 870 Kasipagan, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Price: Php 1,299 for a studio room: https://goo.gl/MVfR5C, and Php 563 for a bed in a mixed dorm room of 4: https://goo.gl/h57wzy

Are you a solo traveler looking to stay in an area to make new friends? ZEN Hostel Kasipagan Mandaluyong is perfect for you then! You may sleep in your room all day then head to the common areas for a night of turning strangers into friends. You don’t even have to go out to have fun as there is a rooftop bar overlooking the whole city.

All ZEN Rooms accommodations guarantee Fast Wi-Fi, Cool AC, Spotless Bed, Hot Shower, and 24/7 Cleaning and Customer Service.

Bitten by the urge to book your next staycation? Give in to temptation and avail of our affordable and quality offers! Plus, we’ll give you 20% off if you are a first-time user; just use promo code ZEN20. Click https://www.zenrooms.com/hotels/21/hotels-manila now! We know you want to.

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