“Kayo Rin Po”: Uber Fosters Community Spirit

With the hustle and bustle of daily living, people often get lost in their long to do lists, in their piles of unread emails, and in keeping up with their hectic schedules. More often than not, people forget about the things that truly matter: relating with other people.

Recently, Uber released a touching new video that gave its viewers a new perspective on things. Remember that driver who turned down the music so you could continue your business call? Or that other driver who offered you a bottle of water because he could tell you needed it after a long day. More than the people who bring you to your next destination, these drivers have stories, too. Uber’s latest video features three incredible stories of drivers who have also become inspirations to their riders.

Marissa Fuster, battered wife

A victim of an abusive husband, she escaped with her three children so that the hurting would finally stop. Along with the loss of her husband however, was the loss of financial support. By driving on Uber, she is able to support herself and her family.

Her story has been one that she has told to many of her riders, especially the women. Through her advice, they learn not to tolerate any form of abuse, and to stand up for what is right. In turn, many riders tell her how inspired they are after hearing her story. One even texted her after her trip, saying that she reminded her of her own mother. A few would also tip her for great service. According to Marissa, these little things warm her heart, and encourage her to give the best service possible, every day.


Angela Gina Go, Kidney Transplant Patient

Being a kidney-transplant patient is not easy. For 5 years now, Angela has had to cope with a body that is trying to adapt to a new orgran. Medicines don’t come cheap, and in her case, sets her back PHP600 a day. Because of her special situation, Angela wanted to find a source of income that is flexible, and would allow her to rest when she needed to. When she learned about Uber, she thought it would be a perfect match.

Aside from the flexible hours, Angela loves driving with Uber because she gets to interact with different types of people. Being a girl, she often gets asked about why she chose to do what she does. For her, it’s a great jumping point to  engaging in meaningful conversations with her riders. It is through these conversations that she comes to care for her riders, taking great measure to ensure that they get to their destination safe and on time.


Alvin Abella, Ex-OFW, Working Student

The grass is not always greener on the other side. After trying it out as an OFW, Alvin decided to pack his bags and head home to be with his family. However, given that he was not a college graduate, he thought it would be impossible to find someone who would hire him. Along came Uber, with flexible hours and enough income, which enabled him do work and continue his studies at the same time.

Because he usually drives at night after school, riders often see him still clad in his school uniform, and ask about his situation. He never fails to tell them that driving on  Uber made it possible for him not only to go back home, but to finish school as well. Compliments from riders are what he appreciates most, especially since he often drives them home late at night.

These three drivers are just a few of the thousands of drivers partnered with Uber, and we’re sure you have encountered some of them, too. The next time you ride an Uber, take a minute to appreciate them, and maybe share their stories to inspire others, too. It only takes one act of kindness to brighten someone’s day.

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