Knowledge Channel’s “MathDali” And “Knowledge On The Go” Offer New Approaches To Learning

Knowledge Channel’s original programs are giving students a chance to gain knowledge, solve problems, and learn skills in more ways than one with original programs like “MathDali” and “Knowledge on the Go.”

With “MathDali,” solving math problems becomes less intimidating. It features Robi Domingo with Joj and Jai Agpangan, Igi Boy Flores and Vic Robinson, in a series of video tutorials, where they tackle topics mostly taken up at the fourth grade level using a mix of animation, student-friendly language, and tips and tricks to make concepts more understandable.

Knowledge Channel has made the program available on YouTube, giving students the option to pause the video as needed, and learn at their own pace. The tutorial episodes are conducted mainly in conversational Filipino, making it easy for schoolchildren to follow.

Meanwhile, “Knowledge on the Go” takes learning outside the classroom as host Marlo Mortel visits schools and invites students to participate in the three-minute “quizzes.” The students are asked to roll the dice and answer a question based on different subject categories, and win prizes for participating. The show also instills in students the idea that it is sometimes okay to commit mistakes as long as they learn from them.

It’s the first time a Knowledge Channel show takes place on the ground, with the show segments being shot in different schools.

“MathDali” airs Monday to Sunday at 10:20 am, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Knowledge Channel, while “Knowledege on the Go” airs after “MathDali.” “MathDali” also airs on ABS-CBN every Saturday at 8 am. Knowledge Channel is available on ABS-CBN TVPlus, SKYcable, and SKYdirect.

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