Public School Students Find Their Voice On ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best

The voices of Filipino youth struggling to finish school due to poverty will be heard this Sunday (July 23) in the documentary “Mga Boses Mula Sa Loob ng Classroom,” airing after Gandang Gabi Vice” on ABS-CBN.

Get a glimpse of the state of the public school system in the country through the stories of the 14 year old Grade 5 student Fernando “Andoy” Macariola, fellow teenager Randy Agosto, who’s in Grade 6, and nine year old Grade 3 student Jennybabe Fuentes in the latest ABS-CBN Docucentral special.

All three of them juggle work and their studies to help their families and fund their schooling. Andoy is a sampaguita vendor, Randy serves as a store help, and Jennybabe sells merienda when not in school. Despite the hardships, they strive to make ends meet in the hope of finishing their education and having a brighter future. Jennybabe also gets to immerse in a private school where she sees its similarities and differences to a public school.

Featuring the narration of Bernadette Sembrano, the documentary presents the different problems in the education system but also shows how there remains hope, especially when there are people determined to sacrifice and make a difference through education.

One example is Teacher Sabrina “Sab” Ongkiko, who set aside her dream of being a doctor to focus on her advocacy on education through teaching in a public school. She shares her inspiring story in the documentary.

Watch “Mga Boses sa loob ng Classroom” on “Sunday’s Best” this Sunday (July 23), after “Gandang Gabi Vice” on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD. 

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