Rackshack: Barbecue Without Boundaries

Barbecue has never been this ridiculously good.

You’ve loved Racks for years. Now, from the same group comes its newest concept that is firing up the grill soon Rackshack.

While Racks offers a family-friendly experience, Rackshack is essentially Racks’ cooler younger brother, an innovative barbecue concept designed to delight the young and hip millennial set with some #FiredUpBBQ like no other. Experience exciting features such as a variety of cool and crazy sauces and games, all in one barbecue joint. Rackshack founder Chukri Prieto shares, “At Rackshack, we believe that barbecue should have no boundaries. We want to turn barbecue into a unique social and interactive experience. Choose a favorite among our sauces, or pick two or three and pour them all over your ribs. Barbecue should be fun to eat and to share among friends. That’s the experience we’d like to bring to Rackshack, and take it to a whole new level.”

Rackshack provides straight-up awesome barbecue in an all-new concept unlike any other. Ordering a dish of your choice comes in three simple steps. Step 1: Choose your meats. Step 2: Choose your sides. Step 3: Choose your sauce. “At Rackshack, we don’t tell you which the best items are on our menu. Our customers decide that for themselves, and being given the freedom to customize their dish allows their personal preferences and tastes to shine through”, according to Prieto.

Staying true to the Racks brand with its signature sauce, Rackshack offers a wide range of house sauces for the adventurous and daring palate. Choose from Mother Sauce, Rackshack’s signature house blend mild, sweet, and ridiculously good; Spicy Mother Sauce, an extra hot version of the mother sauce for those who want to turn the heat up; Hoisin Sauce, a burst of Asian flavors with a spicy kick; Carolina Gold, for mustard lovers who enjoy the blend of sweet and tangy flavors; Kansas Sauce, a sweet and spicy blend, and a personal favorite of Prieto’s. “Rackshack’s key highlight is its wide range of sauces, which is an homage to the original Racks’ brand.” The Rackshack founder also adds, “But here at Rackshack, there is something for everyone and every taste imaginable whether that’s mild and sweet, a little on the tangy side, Asian-inspired, or spicy. And if these flavors aren’t enough to please you, you can always mix and match these sauces to fit your unique taste.”

At Rackshack, you don’t just come for the barbecue pork ribs. Rackshack’s menu offers a variety of globally influenced dishes that are sure to become new favorites. Taking its cues from Southern, Mexican, English, Spanish, Japanese and other Asian influences, items currently on Rackshack’s menu include Street Corn Salad, Carnitas Plate, Harajuku Potato Salad, Creole Garlic Shrimp, Fish and Chips.

Aside from its exciting menu and creative sauces, Rackshack is also the perfect hangout to unwind after work or the newest meet-up place with friends, with fun features such as a Treat or Dare dart board, Rackshack-style beer pong, Foosball, and other board games.

With a fired up grill and awesome features, Rackshack is redefining barbecue for this generation. Heck, it’s barbecue without boundaries.

Rackshack SM Aura is located at Level 5, The Sky Park, SM Aura Premier and is open daily, from 10am to 11pm while Rackshack Circuit is located at G/F, Ayala Circuit Mall, Makati City, open on Monday to Friday from 10am to 11pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 12mn. Rackshack also accommodates reservations and parties, and accepts cash and credit.

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