Project Purpose Book: Helping You Find Your WHY To Find Your WAY

Because life is too short to be directionless and too long to be doing something meaningless, Project Purpose was born.

Recent studies have shown that the upcoming generations are driven to build their career and life on one thing – purpose. Purpose is so powerful that it can change lives, spread happiness and even lead a revolution. With both generations trailblazing a future filled with purpose, passion, and impact, how are those who are lacking behind be able to catch up?

First, they have to find out what their life purpose is. Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your Way was written to help students and young professionals – actually, anyone who seeks to find out what they were designed for. Written by top-ranked corporate leadership trainer Boris Joaquin and his mentee, Renz Mansujeto, this workbook guides the reader through a process to help them discover their purpose and design their lives around it, even as the authors describe their own journeys to discover theirs. 

Boris Joaquin and Renz Mansujeto started their mentoring relationship identifying their life purpose. Boris shared his advocacy in leading people to discover and fulfill their life purpose and Renz immediately collaborated with him by creating teaching videos.

Project Purpose Philippines founder Boris Joaquin is a sought-after speaker, masterful trainer and executive coach. He is currently the president and chief equipping officer of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc. He is also the country leader and master trainer of Lead Like Jesus Philippines (co-founded by Ken Blanchard) and one of the few registered Investors in People (UK) Specialist.

After a short acting stint on television and an attempt to take civil engineering and eventually seminary studies in college, Renz Mansujeto still found himself wondering. But in the few sessions he had with their young professionals group mentor, public speaker and corporate trainer Boris Joaquin – the young man noticed a sense of certainty and clarity and purpose in his new mentor’s work and life. “How did you get to do the kind of work you are doing?” Thus, started their mentoring relationship, with Boris helping Renz identify his life purpose.

Since sharing his advocacy in leading people to discover and fulfill their life purpose, Boris has collaborated with Renz to create teaching videos and produce multimedia materials. By 2017, they were giving talks, mentoring sessions and workshops all over the Philippines on Project Purpose and other related content.

In Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your Way, Boris and Renz look back at the steps they each took to identify their life purpose, in order that you might discover your purpose, design your life around it, determine your destination and eventually deliver on your promise to a watching world.

This book is for everyone who has ever wondered if they are on the right track in life – whether you are a Gen Xer in the middle of your productive years, a millennial (Gen Y) exploring their multi-hyphenated options in this generation, or a member of tech savvy and idealistic Gen Z looking for the best avenues to bring about the social change they envision. Boris Joaquin said in an interview with ANC, “I believe the younger generations are the most purposeful and driven of all the generations…Gifted with the ability to easily navigate this world through the agency of technology, they have the confidence and the daring to make something of their lives, and if they choose, to live a life of consequence to this world. The world will benefit when these young movers have a clear sense of purpose, and this will require wisdom, discernment, and some guiding principles.”

This workbook is only 50% written by Boris and Renz. The rest is to be written by you, the third co-author, as you write down your own story, draft your own life purpose, and make it your roadmap and be guided on your journey.

The Project Purpose Team is committed to mentoring and coaching students and young professionals live or online to discover their purpose, design their lives around that purpose, determine their destination and deliver on their promise to a waiting and watching world. Boris and Renz collaborated with their families and friends in order to create content and produce multimedia materials. By 2017, they were giving talks, mentoring sessions and workshops all over the Philippines.

Have your books signed in person by Boris and Renz on September 15 and 16 at the 39th Manila International Book Fair! Or better yet, reserve your copies as early as now. Simply reply to this email or call us at 813-2703/32, text 0922-8980044.

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