Greenwich Lasagna Supreme: The Pasta For Grown-Ups

When it comes to adulting, millennials know the struggle all too well. Finally leaving the comforts of our youth and thrust into the world of responsibilities and bills, life really was much more different and simpler back then! After all, as kids, the biggest problem we faced was running out of baon on an afternoon out with your friends, as opposed to today’s budget constraints for just about everything.

That said, growing up is part of life and a beautiful rite of passage, as we become better and wiser every day! In fact, adulting isn’t just about the difficult and mundane stuff we encounter in our day-to-day activities. It’s also about stepping up from what we were once used to. From the way we dress, the music we listen to, and even the food we eat, our tastes and needs have definitely evolved as we got older.

Greenwich Lasagna Supreme: A delectable choice for grown-up palates that is made of
mouthwatering layers of premium pasta that is both beefy and cheesy delicious. Starts
at P85 for snack size serving.

Take for example the once adored delicious, homemade pasta dish which was popular among children’s birthday parties. Now our grown-up tastes sometimes look for something more elevated, like the well-loved lasagna.

What better way to celebrate adulting on National Lasagna Day last July 29 than with a plate of Greenwich Lasagna Supreme? It’s the elevated choice with its mouthwatering layers of premium pasta that is both beefy and cheesy delicious; a delectable choice for grown-up palates. Mark the special day with friends you’ve made through the years and head over to Greenwich. Call #5-55-55 for delivery or visit your nearest Greenwich branch to order now.

The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme starts at Php 85.00 for a snack size serving.

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