Kuya Kim Atienza And “Matanglawin” Celebrates Dads In Father’s Day Special

It’s PAPAstig this Sunday (June 17) as Kuya Kim Atienza and “Matanglawin” celebrate Father’s Day with awesome dads and Kapamilya stars at 9:45 am on ABS-CBN. Get to know amazing fathers like Snooky Cruz, an adrenaline junkie who has turned his young twin daughters into skydiving lovers and inspired them to become the youngest female twin freefall divers in the process.

Snooky Cruz is one adrenaline junkie who’s proud to have twin daughters named as the youngest female twin free fall skydivers

Then there’s father and son RC scale crawling enthusiasts Jun and Roshaun Mariano who will share their passion for small but tough and high-performing off-road cars. Lastly, “It’s Showtime’s” GirlTrends and Hashtags take the Matanglawin Challenge in a special trivia game about animal dads. Catch all these and more in “Matanglawin” this Sunday (June 17), 9:45 am on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD.

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