Max Factor Philippines Announces Jennylyn Mercado As Their First Local Brand Ambassador

With hundreds of thousands of images shared on magazines, TV, and social media of young, picture-perfect models, women are made to think that you are only beautiful if you fulfill a checklist of musts – from youthful skin, perfectly styled hair, to flawless makeup. But the truth is — you are beautiful just the way you are.

More than physical beauty, confidence and authenticity make a woman radiant!

Max Factor Brand Ambassador Jennylyn Mercado

“When we were younger, we were drawn to the traditional definitions and standards of beauty. But those were not realistic and unachievable. In my own journey, what I’m aspiring now is to be real. And in that sense, we must be fearless,” shares Jennylyn Mercado, the new ambassador of Max Factor.

Jennylyn Mercado is the epitome of a modern Filipino woman. She celebrates life and is fully empowered, having found strength from the experiences that have shaped and molded her to become the grounded individual that she is now.

“She’s beautiful inside and out, and this is because she is unburdened by the expectations of others. She lives by her own rules and leads life with such focus and gratitude,” shares Anton Huang, President of Rustan Marketing Corporation.

Rustan Marketing Corporation General Manager Francesca Colayco, Rustan Marketing Corporation President Anton Huang, Max Factor Brand Ambassador Jennylyn Mercado and Rustan Marketing Corporation Division Manager Audrey Canta

Max Factor Senior Brand Manager Monica Sangalang, Rustan Marketing
Corporation Division Manager Audrey Canta, Rustan Marketing Corporation General
Manager Francesca Colayco, Max Factor Brand Ambassador Jennylyn Mercado, Talent
Co-Manager Katrina Aguila, Rustan Marketing Corporation Communications Manager
Ayet Bernardo-Quimpo and Rustan Marketing Corporation Digital and Ecommerce
Marketing Manager Mei Brantzeg

“I feel honored, surprised, and happy to be chosen as the brand ambassador of a global makeup brand. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to share my story, serve as an inspiration, and help other women discover their most beautiful self,” she beams.

The YOU X MAX FACTOR campaign was created to move away from unrealistic standards of beauty and find muses in real women such as Jennylyn Mercado. Through this empowering movement, Max Factor Philippines not only brings to light the diverse beauties of women across ages, countries and cultures, but also celebrates their beautiful journeys.

Max Factor Brand Ambassador Jennylyn Mercado

“For us, real beauty starts from within, and that there is no one way to describe it. As we go through our life experiences, both the struggles and the triumphs, our true beauty becomes uniquely defined. We are all beautiful in our own right and we should proudly put our best face forward in everything we do.” ends Audrey Canta, Division Manager.

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