Miss Earth 2018 National Costume Competition Held At Century Park Hotel

Renowned establishment Century Park Hotel recently hosted the Miss Earth 2018 National Costume Competition round.

The 90 delegates from different countries gave a spectacular display of color showcasing their national costumes for everyone to enjoy. The competition is one of the most-anticipated and most festive pre-pageant contests.

The event was made possible in cooperation with Carousel Productions, Inc., the official organizer of Miss Earth. Guests from the government sectors as well as ambassadors of different countries were in full attendance.

The winners in Best National Costumes per region are as follows:

North Central America
Gold: Mexico
Silver: Panama
Bronze: Guatemala

South America
Gold: Guyana
Silver: Ecuador
Bronze: Peru

Gold: Sierra Leone
Silver: Zambia
Bronze: Nigeria

Asia and Oceania
Gold: Vietnam
Silver: Thailand
Bronze: Philippines

Central Western Europe
Gold: Spain
Silver: Portugal
Bronze: Italy

Eastern Europe
Gold: Serbia
Silver: Crimea
Bronze: Montenegro

Century Park Hotel will reprise its role for the Figure and Form Preliminary Judging on October 29, 2018. The international pageant will be held on November 4, 2018 at the MOA Arena.

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