Pest Off! Ang Pamatay Peste Para Sa Ina Mo!

On her Instagram account profile, she describes herself as a movie and TV Filipino actress, wife of Gerald Sibayan, and mother of four beautiful children and five cute puppies.

She is also a product endorser. And recently, Ai-Ai de las Alas added Pest Off! to the roster of brands she has attached her name to.

Known for its superior quality and value-for-money price points, it is no surprise that Pest Off! products easily find their way into the homes of modern day working mothers like the nation’s Tanging Ina.

Ai-Ai de las Alas with Pest Off! brand manager Gary Rafol, HR manager Girlie Co, VP for Sales & Marketing Kerwin Co, CEO Pablo Co and Patrick Co

We chose Ms. Ai-Ai de las Alas as our brand ambassadress because in spite of her fame, she remains humble and approachable. Filipinos love her and can easily relate with her ordinary concerns as a wife and mother who runs a household and wants nothing but the best for her loved ones,” disclosed Kerwin Co, Pest Off! Vice-President for Sales and Marketing.

Pest Off! is the only brand in supermarkets, groceries, and hardware outlets nationwide that caters to both insect and rodent categories of pest control.

Products under the Pest Off! brand include Glue Boards and Ready-to-Use Cereal Bait for rodent control; and Complete Insect Killer Odorless, Cockroach Bait, Cockroach and Ant Chalk, Cockroach Gel, and Fly Paper for insect control.

Pest Off! Glue Boards are perfect for these times of modern convenience. The rat and mice catchers are so easy to use. You can set them up in a flash. All you have to do is to place them where rats and mice usually walk along. No need for bait and no need for bulky, dangerous contraptions. Even the disposal of the trapped rat is not a hassle. But how effective are they? Pest Off! Glue Boards work like magic. Their strong adhesive trap the paws first and eventually the bodies of the rats and mice. While sticking to the boards is deadly for the rodents, they’re safe for humans. The adhesive applied on the board is non-toxic and can come off with a dab of mineral or baby oil. (SRP is P99.00-101.00 for mice catcher cheese scent, P148-150.00 for rat catcher cardboard, P163.00-165.00 for rat catcher plastic board cheese/peanut scent)

Another solution for rodent infestation is Pest Off! Ready-to-Use Cereal Bait which contains 2nd generation anti-coagulant compound, Brodifacoum, which effectively and efficiently eliminates rats and mice. A single feed is all it needs to take effect. Other brands contain active ingredients (Warfarin and Coumatetralyl) categorized as 1st generation anti-coagulants or multiple-dose rodenticides. (SRP is P48.00-50.00 for 50g, P73.00-75.00 for 100g)

When it comes to crawling and flying insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, houseflies, fleas, and the like, how do you eliminate them? When using an insecticide spray, do you have to leave the room because of the intolerable smell? Not with Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer Odorless. It does the job without the unpleasant kerosene odor. (SRP is P140.00-143.00 for 175g and P196.00-199.00 for 350g).

Especially created for everyone’s favorite ipis, is Pest Off! Roach Trap, a ready-to-use cockroach bait enclosed in a plastic bait station that has four small openings. Each bait station is effective up to a radius of one meter and can work up to three months. (SRP is P160.00-165.00). And there’s also Pest Off! Cockroach Gel, a cockroach bait in gel form packaged in a syringe applicator, making it effortless to squeeze through cracks and crevices. It remains potent and kills cockroaches for up to 90 days. (SRP is P298.00-300.00)

Double purpose is the Pest Off! Roach & Ant Killer Chalk which targets both cockroach and ants but is easy-on-the-pocket. Sold in boxes of 2’s. (SPR is P33.00-35.00)

For the annoying flies, Pest Off! Fly Paper is your best bet. It catches more flies because its surface area is 17% bigger than other brands. Price-wise, it is smaller, much cheaper than its competitors. The thick paper makes it agile and allows it to be bent and formed into different shapes to suit your needs (SRP: P19.00-21.00)

Pest Off! has a solution for every pest problem so like Ai-Ai de las Alas, you should make Pest Off! your partner in household pest control too.

Pest Off! is owned by Global Winds Corporation (GWC), a duly registered company with the Food and Drug Administration as a Household/Urban Hazardous Substances Distributor/Importer/Wholesaler. GWC which was established on April 15, 2003 with the aim of improving the lives of its customers through its quality products in the Pest Control Category.

You can buy Pest Off! products in supermarkets and hardware stores nationwide.

For more information, look up #pestoffph on social media. Follow @pestoffphilippines on Facebook and @pestoffph on Instagram.

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