SAMSUNG | Stepping Out In Black, Gold, and Blue with the SAMSUNG Galaxy A6 & A6+

The stylish SAMSUNG Galaxy A6 & A6+ stand out with their sleek full-metal unibody case and outstanding near bezel-less Super AMOLED Display. These sophisticated smartphones come in three shades: black, gold, and blue color. Classic yet still striking, each of these colors perfectly complements individuals who live their lives in standout style.

Work these colors into a photo shoot-worthy OOTD with these tips:

SAMSUNG A-Series Ambassador Yassi Pressman holds the black variant of the Galaxy A6

Make an effortless statement with black

The foundation of many wardrobes and styles, black can blend well with almost anything. Exude a rugged cool vibe with a black t-shirt, distressed denim jeans, and sneakers or boots. Be bold by pairing the color with striking red, orange, and yellow hues.

Yassi Pressman features the gold variant of the Galaxy A6

Stay subtle yet striking with gold

The embodiment of opulence and timelessness, gold never disappears from red carpet events, formal gatherings, and glamorous parties. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be integrated into one’s everyday wardrobe. Balance gold clothes and accessories with olive, gray, or burgundy to create a classy outfit.

The Galaxy A6+ also comes in a blue variant

Be elegant with blue

Blue is an integral component of nautical-themed and preppy fashion. Pair it with orange, white, or khaki to sport a youthful and refreshing vibe. Darker, metallic shades work best for formal and glamorous events.

Complete any fashionable look with the Galaxy A6 & A6+. Your OOTDs will always be in the best light as the Galaxy A6 carries a 16MP resolution front and rear camera, while the Galaxy A6+ sports a 24MP front camera and a 16MP + 5MP Professional Dual rear camera. Equipped with adjustable LED and selfie flash, the front cameras take gorgeous and vibrant selfies. These smartphones can also produce clear photos even in low light with its F1.7 rear camera lens aperture.

The Galaxy A6 & A6+ also support Bixby, Samsung’s intelligent virtual assistant, to help users get more things done. The phones also give access to exclusive benefits, such as exciting treats and perks via the Samsung Members App, anti-theft app through Find My Mobile, and quick emergency access via the Samsung 321 app.

The Galaxy A6 & A6+ are now available in all Samsung authorized stores nationwide.

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