Baihe Lotus Park Is A Must-Visit Spot In Taiwan

The trend of lotus appreciation began in Baihe Township of Tainan in 1990s and it also turned Baihe into one of the areas in Taiwan to have hostels. For tourists, the two must-see events are the blooming of the lotus in the morning and to witness the return of the egrets to their nests at dusk at Xiaonanhai.

The 2019 Baihe Lotus Festival has already started and this is the best time to enjoy it from June to September. The Baihe Lotus Park is a must-visit spot to see the lotus fields, trails, leisure forest areas, Guanlian Pavilion (lotus appreciation) and other facilities.

The Lotus Industry and Culture Information Center located at Yufeng Neighborhood demonstrates the lotus industry. Within the center, visitors can find several photos showing about the hard work of flower farmers harvesting lotus seeds and produce powder from lotus roots. In addition, there are also poems and lyrics that celebrate lotus, making it to be the most complete information museum themed on lotus in Taiwan.

Xiaonanhai, a very well-noted scenic spot of Baihe is a small reservoir that looks like a gargantuan blue sky with lush forest from a distance, group of egrets as well as gorgeous mountains and water surrounding the lotus fields. This area has received great reviews from the tourists.

During the lotus season, local authorities promote ecological tour, lotus color-painting, and lotus-seed picking among parents and children. The Tainan Municipal Government has also scheduled diverse routes in flower season. For those who like ceramics, a pottery workshop at Baihe can be visited.

In addition, it is a must that visitors should try some gourmet food along the Lotus Park of Baihe road. The restaurants along this route will showcase sumptuous lotus-seed banquets. Some local gourmet dishes are the Baihe duck-head, stuffed-pie by the temple entrance, oyster in thin noodles, Wuji bean noodles, and stinky tofu on Kangle Road.

The must-try summer drinks of Baihe are lotus seeds shaved-ice, lotus tea and ground lotus-root tea. While the lotus meat is unique at Sanshugong Hostel of Baihe. IT is advised to make an appointment before dining. Souvenir items must-have includes fresh lotus seeds, lotus-root powder, and core of lotus seeds. Since these products are seasonal, visitors can only buy it in Baihe. These items are made of genuine lotus seeds.

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