A Whole New “Perspective” By Martell Chanteloup

Discover a unique Cognac for true connoisseurs and share secrets that open up new perspectives of wisdom from the house of Martell.

Martell Chanteloup (Photo by Jezreel Colangoy)

From the stone-built bel-vedere at the Chateau de Chanteloup comes with the perspective offered to gaze Martell’s celllar masters that serves as an inspiration to artists/ artisans. This unique view over the Cognac countryside has become the source of inspiration by generations of cellar master. Brought together in the Chanteloup cellars, this cognac represents a brilliant tribute to a historic place.

Experience Martell Chanteloup with your senses:

TO THE EYE: See a dark amber, attractive hue that catches the light

ON THE NOSE: Opens with fresh stone-fruit aromas such as bush peach, apricot and floral notes. When swirled, it moves through candied fruit like orange and lemon towards dried fruits such as raisins, almonds and nuts. Martell Chanteloup Perspective definitely makes a strong aroma through its complexity.

IN THE MOUTH: At first, soft and light at the palate. It progressively enriched by candied and dried fruit notes with subtle hints of blackcurrant. The balanced tenor of these aromas puts together the structure, elegance and power that leaves a lingering spice finish in the mouth.

What makes it unique?

Martell Chanteloup Perspective is an EXTRA QUALITY COGNAC made of eaux-de-vie from the four Growth area. It is composed of utmost care of which have aged for many years IN THE HEART OF  THE CHANTELOUP CELLARS. The personality of each is developed creating an AROMATIC and SENSORY BALANCE in this UNIQUE BLEND.

Mr. Jean Baptiste Gourvil, Martell brand ambassador (Photo by Jezreel Colangoy)

About the Speaker

Mr. Jean Baptiste Gourvil, was born and raised in France and very passionate about wines and cognacs. He’s a Martell ambassador based in Malaysia.

Pricing and Distribution

Martell Chanteloup is an Ultra prestige cognac and has limited stocks in the Philippines. Retail price is at around Php 22,000.00 per bottle. People prefer to drink it neat or on the rocks while for cocktails, the usual preference is the Martell VSSD.


Known for its EASY, SMOOTH and FRUITY BLEND taste that marries spirits from a single distillation source to a richer and more intense flavor. Among the great cognac houses, only Martell distills exclusively that clears all sediments revealing the luscious fruit aromas and finesse that serves as its hallmark. Martell always made the choice of understated luxury to focus on the very quality of its blends.

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