Amway Philippines Bags PH and Asia Pacific Top Employer Certification For 2nd Year In A Row

Amway Philippines, one of the leading direct selling companies in the Philippines, has been officially recognized by the Top Employers Institute as a Global Top Employer in the Asia Pacific for the second consecutive year.

The Top Employer mark recognizes Amway Philippines’ dedication to putting a premium on its employee development and creating safe spaces to work.

After the Top Employers Institute conducted its global and regional Human Resources Best Practices Survey, it found that Amway Philippines not only provides exceptional employee conditions but strives to nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organization.

(From Right to Left: Choom Yee Wong – Head of HR for Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, John Michael Federico – Head of HR for the Philippines, Soo Wei Wong – HR Director, and Mandy Lim – HR Manager for Singapore)

“What matters most for us in Amway is to keep our employees engaged in all that they do,” said Amway Philippines Human Resources Manager John Michael Federico. “Employees who are engaged are motivated to go beyond their full potential and be the best people they can be personally and professionally.”

“It all starts from the business leaders,” Federico added. “They are the ones who contribute high performance with the right competencies and skills and being a servant leader to their team will steer everyone towards the right direction and ensure differences are driven towards one common goal.”

Being in the business of fostering relationships, Amway has built an exceptional work environment for its employees, able to retain their top talents and win over employee commitment by continuously offering learning and development opportunities for each person.

“Having highly engaged employees provide the best experiences and services for our distributors,” he said.

Just two years ago Amway Philippines made headlines after opening its flagship experience center in the country, My Amway Place, located in the heart of the country’s premier business district, Makati City.

In 2018, Amway Global reported $8.8 billion in sale, driven by the investment in digital tools and mobile experiences, as well as product innovations.

Amway Philippines is currently working on further development of its e-commerce website, launching distributor-focused mobile apps that help them run the business, and product innovations that help with customer retention and attracting new distributors.

Similar to the importance the company places in caring for their distributors, Amway spends time and effort into caring for the wellbeing of the employees. Federico said they ensure that their employees get the best facilities, tools, and the right programs that not only benefit them but their families as well.

New hires are more likely to stay at their job and produce amazing results when recruiters take the time to make sure that each candidate is the best fit for the job description, management structure, and company culture. So how does Amway find the best recruits?

It takes hard work and finding the right tools and honing their set of skills in getting the right talent for the organization, but for Amway, the focus is to ensure they have the right people in the organization, give their new hires the drive and motivation to stay, and let them enjoy the best experiences especially during their first year. “People are the best assets of the company and Amway as a people company has always been giving importance to its employees, the reason for its continuous growth over the past few years,” he said.

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