Wanna Have Maris Racal’s Pouty And Glossy Lips With That Unique Shade Of Pink?

Maris Racal wearing Careline’s newest make-up innovation, Stain Gloss

Wanna have Kapamilya teen star Maris Racal’s pouty and glossy lips with that unique shade of pink?

This multi-talented celebrity, who’s now the brand ambassador of Careline, shares her newest secret to plump, kissable and natural-looking glossy lips: Careline Stain Gloss, the brand’s newest makeup innovation. This blue-colored lip cosmetic adapts to the skin’s PH level thus eventually providing a unique shade for every person.

Careline Stain Gloss

Whether you signed up for an unplanned lunch date with your barkada or a fancy dinner with your relatives, the Careline Stain Gloss is a sure fit to any of your life’s best moments. Small and very easy to apply, this is definitely your ultimate beauty bestie.

Go out and impress everyone by looking naturally radiant with this ‘magic’ stain gloss and other Careline cosmetics.

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